Monday, November 29, 2010

how to survive the next world crisis.

back we are.
together again.
in provo again we are together,
and it sure is chilly.

important things that have happened
since we've been reunited:

1. taylor o. DID bring taylor b. some french pastries.
and they are history. all gone. bye bye.

2. we met up with drew and andy.

3. we went to class.

4. we went to the library and the bookstore.

5. we practiced with our little jazz trio
for saturday's christmas party performance.
isn't that going to be quite the hoot.
we'll try and post video.

6. we went to family home evening.

7. we went out to eat.

8. we have done absolutely no homework.

9. we facebooked.

9.5. we listened to loads of christmas music.

10. we've been out of control since we met up again.
out of control in every way, shape and form.

only 2 more weeks of classes!
merry, merry christmas!

---taylor & taylor.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

go, go gadget.


some neat stuff has happened
the past few days.

today, for example,
i modeled for the deseret news. again.
this time there was a real
photographer there, so don't be surprised if
you don't recognize me.
i bet i'll look a lot like heidi klum,
only i'll be wearing running clothes.
she made my stand in
a "stretching" position for probably
10 minutes. you'll see.

i finished the 5th harry potter movie last night.
i really don't know what i'm doing.
see what happens when you're not here?
also, we finished all our christmas decorating.
it looks so homey for the hollydays.

we're supposed to get another storm
on sunday, so i hope it doesn't
affect your flight. you have to come home.
and do you want to know the first thing
i'm going to do when i get to provo?
check the mailbox.

well, this may be our last blog letter.
let's do this again sometime.
can't wait to see you.


- taylor

p.s. you're worried about french desserts?
what about the american ones?
try caramel cream cheese brownies,
cinnamon chocolate chip cookies,
and pumpkin cheesecake?
all homemade.

i have a talent.

Friday, November 26, 2010

tirez, poussez, rien.

hey over there, tbc. (aka tuberculosis)

let's start off by reliving a moment.
"look! it's the eiffel tower!" -mom
"it looks like it's growing out of the top
of that building!" -dad
(we get closer and begin taking pictures.)
"stand together, girls, so i can take your picture." -dad

yes, you read correctly.
i think the storm bypassed utah
and came straight to paris.

but, i must say, it was a cool magic trick
the weather pulled off when it
made the eiffel tower disappear.

photo cred to Mark Olson

how about we relive another moment?
"can we drive up the champs-élysées?" - me
"okay, sure. we'll go on our way home." -dad
3 hours and 30 miles later, we made it home.
what took so long you may ask?

but i didn't mind that much,
i slept through the whole thing.
as i have slept through
every car ride on this trip so far.

i don't know what it is,
but something about our rental car
puts me right to sleep.
or maybe it's just the french jazz music.
or all the french food i'm eating.
or the neck pillow someone in my family
was kind enough to bring along
for me to kidnap.
(kid.... nap. ha ha. get it?)

ready to relive another moment?
"les pâtisseries, sont-ils à moitié prix?" -mom
"we close at eight." -lady at the bakery
"oh yes, i know. but are they half price after seven?" -mom
"no." -lady at the bakery

apparently the internet lies.
and apparently, as i said earlier,
it is futile to try to speak in french.
they apparently don't understand.
and they apparently respond in english.

we had an interesting experience this evening
navigating the underground network of paris.
it wasn't as sketchy as it sounds.

well, i can smell the chocolate cake
and it's just about ready for us to eat.
add that to the list today along with
french toast, chocolate almond croissants,
crepes, and quiche.

but it's alright.
because, remember that 20 minutes of biking
i did earlier where i didn't even break a sweat?
i do.
totally justifies french toast, chocolate almond croissants,
crepes, quiche and chocolate cake.

well, the cake is calling.

tos. (aka thoracic outlet syndrome)

p.s. i like how both of our posts focus on dessert.
it's clear where our priorities lie.
p.p.s. i'm glad you're no longer vegetarian.
now we can go to all those restaurants
you wouldn't visit anymore.
p.p.p.s there i go about food again.
priorities = clear.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

more than words.

oh. hey.

1. russia. i know right??
did i call it or what?
(drew got his mission call.
st. petersburg, russia).

2. can you eat 2 pastries, a tart,
chocolate mousse and cream
puffs all on the same day?
apparently, yes.

3. oh the weather outside is frightful.
and the fire is so delightful.
really, though.
the fire is delightful, and the weather is frightful.
tis cold here. 12 degrees right now.

4. thanksgiving dinner was oh so great.
i sent a picture of me eating my first
bite of meat in 3 months to all our cool friends.
you didn't get it. obv.
but nbd. i'll post it here.

my mouth is full of turkey.
and yes, that is a new sweater.
i know you'll be asking me that later.

anyway, here are some headlines:

this morning i woke up at 6:30am
to help with a 5k up by lagoon.
it was the coldest experience of my life.
you think i'm kidding.
okay, maybe you don't.
but i'm telling you: BRRRRRRRR.

yesterday, i shoveled snow off of our deck.
having a large deck is great in the summer.
i'll kill it in the winter.
some photo evidence for you:

(i'm wearing the blue tights and skyline
shirt i told you about a couple days ago. obv.)

this is my backyard.
can the leaves not fall after the
ground is covered in snow?

apparently these green leaves think they can do
whatever they want. oh, and kipper says high.

i've been cooking like mad this week.
i think it's how i deal with being away from you.
and we have so much pumpkin pie at my house.
seriously. pie after pie after pie.
and you're the only one i want to share it with.

finally, i charged my phone and showered today.
both could have probably gone for
a little bit longer, but i think took it far enough.

also, i'd rather live here:

i'm not eating another bite
of pumpkin pie until you get home.
just kidding. that's such a lie.




kitty kitty. kitty kitty cat.

dear teeber.

happy thanksgiving!
(i know they don't celebrate thanksgiving in france,
but it doesn't mean i can't celebrate.)

this is my second year being away from home
for thanksgiving.
there's no place like home for the holidays.
except new york.
or france.
those beat home.

as does texting someone on thanksgiving.
or texting no one.
one year anniversary.
look how far i've come.

so, enough of that.
i'm in france.
(in case you're clueless and didn't know by now.)
what a great opportunity to practice my french, right?
everyone we try to talk to in french
responds in english.
how do they know?
are we really that obvious?

remember how i said i wanted to move into versailles?
i changed my mind.

this is the new future residence:

château de pierrefonds

there may be room for you
if you want to move in with me.

but just maybe.

last time i visited paris
i climbed the 374 steps to the top of notre dame.
in case you were wondering,
there are still 374 steps.
yes, i counted.
both times.

some things never change.
like how much i love you.
and how grateful i am for you.

on a different, but not necessarily lighter, note,
i managed to whip out 7 postcards tonight.
why do so many missionaries exist?
seriously, ctn?

well, i'm off to bed.
i know it's only the afternoon there.
leave me be.


p.s. can i not eat 2 pastries, a tart,
chocolate mousse and cream puffs all on the same day?
p.p.s. RUSSIA?!?!?!?!?
p.p.p.s. i had airplane food. 'nuf said.
p². p².s. why are you so dang creative?
how am i supposed to even try to match up?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the young and the not so restless.

s taylor os -
it's 10:20 am here in sandy, ut.
it's 6:20 pm there in paris.
just thought i'd draw that connection.
marci and i are sitting here enjoying a lazy morning,
watching 10 snow plows drive by.
there is nothing left to plow.
oh, and the "snownami,"
"the blizzard of 2010,"
"utah's katrina" ??
as holly brimhall says,

"my 3 year old nephew could have
done more damage."

we got probably 4 inches
and a whole lotta wind.
who knows why everyone freaked out so much.
i mean, it's utah.
it snows here.
but not in provo, apparently.
andy is pretty disappointed.
oh, i went to the mall yesterday.
you know those annoying kiosk salesmen?
you let your guard down for one second....
this bonehead sat me down on a chair
in front of a mirror, and tried to sell me
a straightener by straightening my
already-straight hair.
and then he curled a few strands,
and left them like that.
but the part that got to me was
when he asked what my name was.
i told him, and not 1 minute later,
he called me audrey.
and he didn't believe me when i said
that i was 19 years old,
and then made me guess his age.
got it. 21.
hey, remember that time when we won
a free piece of cheesecake
by guessing our cheesecake factory waiter's age?
let's do that again sometime.
k, seriously guys.
there is no snow left to plow.
great use of our tax dollars, though.
well, watched the 2nd h.p. last night.
i don't know why.
and today i'm making a pumpkin pie.
a real one.
i'm hoping that it will turn out
better than that mess we made on sundee.
j.k. that one was actually pretty alright.
i'll let you know how this guy turns out.
miss you somethin' awful.
it's snowing again.

taylor sr.

p.s. it stopped snowing.
p.p.s. bring me a pastry.
p.p.p.s. i really want to know what you
almost had for dinner.
a card laid is a card played.
p². p².s. tony never suited you anyway.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

excusez-moi de vous deranger.


so, you're technically in sandy right now.
i'm in paris.
well, technically outside of paris.
but paris will suffice.

here are the headlines:
1. my body is thoroughly confused.
i would tell you what i had (or almost had)
for dinner last night,
but i don't know when last night was.
i've had very little sleep
and i haven't brushed my teeth in over 26 hours.
but at least i was in first class.

2. ben coburn is less than 50 miles away.

3. i haven't exercised since friday.
new record? perhaps.
i bet you're proud.

4. versailles.
vee & dad picked up me & mom from the airport
and we went straight there.
it was freezing cold, but beautiful.
can we move in?

5. can pastries not?
it's bad here. real bad.
p90x is so far out the window, it's in provo.

6. you got mail.
this would maybe be a headline
if we could actually check the mail.

that's paris for you.
at least so far.
it's been a whole 9 hours of non-stop, tired fun.

that and the fact that we are staying
in the. cutest. place. ever.

say hi to slc for me.
or technically sandy i suppose.

mucho looove,
steve i. taylor jr. cutie pie olson s.

p.s. cin forget my corduroys?

p.p.s. ok, if you insist,
i'll go on a date with you.

this is gonna be a big one.


so, you're in paris right now.
i'm in salt lake.
well, sandy if we're going to get technical.

here are the headlines:
1. i almost ate chicken last night.
pan-seared basil pesto chicken to be exact.
man, it looked good. and smelled good.
someone's got to cook while you're away.

2. the storm is rollin' in. it's gonna be a big one.
i say "the" storm, because that's what everyone
has been calling it. i don't think it yet
deserves that kind of a title, but...
you know how weathermen are.
think they know everything.

3. the family is gone today.
i'm all by my lonesome,
and man it is great.
running around in my bright blue tights
and over-sized skyline cross country shirt,
beltin' to whitney's christmas album.
doesn't get much better than this, i'll tell ya.
i'm sure you can picture it,
so there is no need to post a picture.

4. "ADVERTS WCA" keeps calling my house.
and the american diabetes association.
i just tell them this isn't the "burhos"
and that a "mersy" doesn't live here.
no one even has diabetes in my house!
ctn. seriously.

5. i watched the first harry potter last night.
what a tareet.
i miss the days when the characters were
actually at hogwarts and they hadn't
gone through puberty yet.
clint kept mentioning how
"emma watson really grew into her beauty."
blah, blah, blah.
not him too.

6. yesterday at the doctor's office,
i realized i hadn't shaved in a while.
weeks maybe.
embarrassing? no.
for him, maybe.
stuff like that doesn't even phase me anymore.
and you're in france.
good thing it doesn't phase you either.
and anyway, too bad for him.
if he can't fix my knee, that's what he gets.

well, that's about it for now.
it's supposed to be in the teens tomorrow.
it's gonna be awesome.

don't have too much fun without me.
jk. have as much fun as you want.
as long as you film it.

much love,
taylor brin handsome.

p.s. i like your cardigan.

p.p.s. let's have a woman date when you get home.
ctn?! please.

p.p.p.s. let's work on our christmas mixed tape.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

deep like the grandest canyon.

guys. thanksgiving break is all but here.

1. our pre-thanksgiving is feast tomorrow.
since the french don't celebrate thanksgiving,
we decided to send taylor o. out with a bang.
grocery shopping for the feast was a bit of a mess tonight,
but grocery shopping is always a bit of a mess for us.

2. no school. for almost a week.

3. reading. traveling. working. relaxing. eating.

4. it snowed today.
it's snowing right now.
we heard the city got dumped on.
provo is a little behind,
but what else is new?
but guys. it snowed today.
it really did.
and we had a snowball fight.
and we loved it.

it's going to be a good holiday season.
it won't be quite the same with out these guys,

but it will be great nonetheless.

we love that---taylor & taylor

Thursday, November 18, 2010

a bottle of cold champagne.

happy birthday,

drew tekulve.

what a big day.
he's officially 19 years and 15 minutes old.
what a big age.
keep foggin' up those glasses,
cuz that's what the cool kids do.

we're winnas.

---t & t.

p.s. drew is on the left.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

and months to go before i sleep.

hi everybody.
quick game:

"on this day in 2009"

on 13 november 2009,
we snapped this photo:

it's called, "yellow truck at gas station."
cool right?
wrong. so, so uncool.
quite possibly the most uncool picture ever taken,
which is saying something,
because i'll bet there are a lot
of uncool pictures out there.

we didn't post this picture to
to point out how lame we are, though.
it's to show you how far we've come.
every picture has a point,
and this one is no exception.


it's the weekend again.
doesn't it seem like the weekend was just a week ago?
yeah. to us too.

but really, time is going by quickly.
it's already the 13th of november 2010.
exactly 10 months ago, our friend ben left on his mission.
and in pretty much 6 months,
our brother and friend, thatcher, comes home.
and there is 1 month of school left.

on that note...
we've already filled our holiday schedules.
one of the scheduled activities will
clearly be remaking our
"baby, it's cold outside" music video.
that's obviously a christmas tradition.
we've also been compiling our christmas-break
reading lists; they're coming along nicely.

taylor b. is ever close to her vegetarian goal,
which means thanksgiving is fast approaching,
which means: PARIS.
that's where tay o. will be enjoying the holiday.
yes, yes. she knows.
the french don't celebrate thanksgiving.
so what? they don't make the rules.

speaking of rules,
it's about the time of year that we make more of them.
every once in a while,
we catch ourselves doing things that
should be against the rules.
but you know what they say,
"you break it, you buy it."

that should be a new rule.
it's a good one.

well, that's all for now.
much love and peace and joy
and rainbows and smiley faces
and unicorns and kittens,

---taylor & taylor.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

saving grace and grace kelly.

a nickel is really the perfect coin.
it's bigger than a dime,
but worth more than a penny.
it's actually bigger than a penny too.
anyway, something to think about.

it feels like forever and a day since
we've blogged. but in actuality,
it's been about a day.
okay, three days. but the point remains,
even though it feels like a long time,
it hasn't been a very long time.

this past week, however, has been one
of our busiest yet here as sophomores at BYU.
we made like 50,000 friends.
and remember when we said we
had no plans for the weekend?
well, turns out, we had lots of plans.
we just didn't know it yet.

our activities included, but were not limited to:

coloring contests, spotlighting (rofl),
dates, CPK, "the back-up plan,"
noteworthy, story-telling, good food,
church, monopoly, VEGAS, devotionals,
not sleeping, watching short films, etc.

sounds like a good weekend, huh?

something else worth noting is
the fact that we've consumed 4
loaves of pumpkin chocolate chip bread
in 4 days. we call it the "loaf-a-day" diet.

jillian michaels says that "fad diets are bad diets,"
again, something to think about.

well ladies and germs,
(if you're a guy, we just called you a germ)
that's about it for now.
don't get engaged, k?

much love from taylor and taylor,

---taylor & taylor.

Friday, November 5, 2010

carpet made of silk.

it's the weekend again.
and we have no plans again.
we take that back.
we would have plans every weekend,
if we had someone to plan our plans with.
thus, we have no plans.

ever since philip left,
all taylor o. does is write music and eat.
her class schedule happens to be lacking
this semester, music classes and all,
so she has taken up a new routine.
wake up, p90x, go to class, come home,
eat, practice, go to bed.
emphasis on the eat part.
it's ooc.
take this conversation for example.

"i really need food." ---t.o.

(a while later)

"can we please go get something to eat?" ---t.o.

(a while later)

"i'm just really starving.
i haven't eaten since breakfast." ---t.o.

"yeah taylor, it's lunch time,
neither have i. what's your deal?" ---t.b.

"you know what my deal is." ---t.o.
(walks to the kitchen,
comes back with food and a guitar).

this is basically all happening as
this post is being written.
it's like a news feed.
really though.
see for yourself:

the apartment got deep cleaned today.
that's what happens when taylor o. is at class for hours,
and taylor b. sits at home with nothing to do,
and no one to see.
obv we have no life except for each other
it's good for us really.

another example:
after noteworthy rehearsal, all the girls go hang out together.
all except for two: a married girl, and taylor o.
the married miss goes home to her husband.
guess who taylor o. goes home to?
taylor b.
everyone thinks it's real funny,
and, like, a joke.
"oh. hahahaha you guys are like married. hahaha."
but it isn't. it really, really isn't.
nbd, though. we love that.

here we are.
taylor b. blogging, taylor o. practicing.
on the same bed, as it should be.

we took this pic about 30 seconds ago.
it is crooked because of our indifference
to the self-timing situation.

it's clearly been a great weekend so far.
bi everyone.

"what movie is drew filming,
and why aren't with him?"

we love that---taylor & taylor.

also, CAN WE NOT keep
making friends with boys who
haven't left of their missions yet?!
seriously. can. we. not.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

a roar of applause.

taylor b. here.

election day is the best!!
hope everyone got a
chance to vote today.
time to tune in to the results.
obv that's where i'll be all night.

tay o. -
miss you. noteworthy is the only
thing that comes between us.
i'll kill it. just kidding.
i would never.
- tay b.

p.s. i really like pyramids....