Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the young and the not so restless.

s taylor os -
it's 10:20 am here in sandy, ut.
it's 6:20 pm there in paris.
just thought i'd draw that connection.
marci and i are sitting here enjoying a lazy morning,
watching 10 snow plows drive by.
there is nothing left to plow.
oh, and the "snownami,"
"the blizzard of 2010,"
"utah's katrina" ??
as holly brimhall says,

"my 3 year old nephew could have
done more damage."

we got probably 4 inches
and a whole lotta wind.
who knows why everyone freaked out so much.
i mean, it's utah.
it snows here.
but not in provo, apparently.
andy is pretty disappointed.
oh, i went to the mall yesterday.
you know those annoying kiosk salesmen?
you let your guard down for one second....
this bonehead sat me down on a chair
in front of a mirror, and tried to sell me
a straightener by straightening my
already-straight hair.
and then he curled a few strands,
and left them like that.
but the part that got to me was
when he asked what my name was.
i told him, and not 1 minute later,
he called me audrey.
and he didn't believe me when i said
that i was 19 years old,
and then made me guess his age.
got it. 21.
hey, remember that time when we won
a free piece of cheesecake
by guessing our cheesecake factory waiter's age?
let's do that again sometime.
k, seriously guys.
there is no snow left to plow.
great use of our tax dollars, though.
well, watched the 2nd h.p. last night.
i don't know why.
and today i'm making a pumpkin pie.
a real one.
i'm hoping that it will turn out
better than that mess we made on sundee.
j.k. that one was actually pretty alright.
i'll let you know how this guy turns out.
miss you somethin' awful.
it's snowing again.

taylor sr.

p.s. it stopped snowing.
p.p.s. bring me a pastry.
p.p.p.s. i really want to know what you
almost had for dinner.
a card laid is a card played.
p². p².s. tony never suited you anyway.

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