Sunday, October 31, 2010

it isn't really my fault.

this is our very last chance ever
to post during october 2010.
we gotstwo take advantage of that.

this little doodie ("stronger than") has recently
returned to our lives.
ohhhh man. this can't be good.
but fur realz. is it not the best song ever?

in other news,
we will see our good friendy-boo
philip stanfield, for the last time tomorrow evening.
how sad. but happy.
he's going to be a great missionary.

k. seriously? we're sophomores in college.
why the heck are our friends still leaving on missions?
it's a joke.

k. bi.

---taylor & taylor.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

the last day.

this morning we woke up to a special
halloween treat from papa olson.

obviously, we had to share.

---taylor & taylor.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

free willy: part two.

we rarely blog two days in a row,
so this must be a special circumstance.

and, clearly, it is:

it's that time of year again.
where photo booth becomes massively entertaining.
remember this?

oops. looks like we're a month
ahead of schedule.
oh well. so is winter.
two can play that game, winter.
two can play that game.

---taylor & taylor.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

till the sun turns black.

on saturday, we learned that one of
our beloved elementary school teachers
had passed away.

mrs. kathy sorensen was an incredible
woman, and one whose memory will
always brighten our lives.

our thoughts and prayers are with
her husband, children, grandchildren
and friends at this time.

she was a beautiful woman
with a wonderful spirit,
and had the precious ability to
touch the lives of hundreds of children.

(from the salt lake tribune)

life is too short.

---taylor & taylor.

Friday, October 22, 2010

we're all in this together.

if you haven't seen this,
watch it.

then watch the video below.


happy trails.

----taylor & taylor

Thursday, October 21, 2010

not gonna miss a thing.

hey y'all.
new blog look.
we like it, which is good.
you have no idea how long it
took us to make that dumb collage.
we're all for memories, and cutsie blogs,
and polaroids...but we have homework to do sometimes.
(had to add that extra carrot at top to make it better).

anyway. just look at those pictures.
they were selected from hundreds.
only the very best of 'em were chosen,
and it was a rigorous process.
these here sir, are the
crème de la crème---
the cream of the crop---
the best we have to offer.
blah, blah, blah.

our "real" plans for this weekend fell through.
no surprise there.
t.o.'s gotta head up to boise,
and clearly there is no reason to
be attending the BYU football game.
call us fair-weather fans. do it.
it looks like it's going to rain on saturday anyway.
two reasons not to attend.
but we plan to rescedge our "real" weekend,
so don't worry about us.

the good news is,
with our new blog layout,
there is never a need to post any pictures.
we either do the same things over and over again,
or sit home wishing we were doing those things.
it's perfect, really.

more good news:
thatcher comes home in 6ish months,
and ben has ben out for almost 10.
isaac and stuart still have a waaaayys to go though.
philip hasn't even started yet. whoops.
just thought we'd give you the updates.

anywho. off to noteworthy practice,
and statistic/poly sci test-studying.
our favorite thursday night activities.

we've fallen for fall.
bet you'd like to see a picture of that, huh?
us falling.
we would too. we'll work on that.

until nextie-boo time---taylor & taylor.

Monday, October 18, 2010

you've got the music in you,

and i've got the magic in me.

fall has sprung.

spanish fork canyon.
vivian park.
san rafael swell.
buckhorn wash.
spotted wolf canyon.
provo canyon.
eagle canyon.

just a few of the places we visited this weekend
to enjoy the beautiful fall scenery.
lots of canyons, as you can see.
canyons rock. and they're made of rocks.
and we rock. lot's of rocking going on.
rock on.

so, school is fun.
really, we love school.
combined, we have 6 tests this week.
really only 5, though, because one of them
is a mutual test --- you know, we both are taking it.
if there was an award for the best kind of test(s),
mutual tests would win it, no battle.
anyway, we have 6 (5) tests this week,
but we still love school.
lots of the time, we're sarcastic.
we're seriously not being sarcastic this time.

so we've got some real plans for this weekend.
this is huge.
we don't normally have plans,
let alone real plans.
we'll let you know what happens.


happy autumn.
---taylor & taylor.

Monday, October 11, 2010

looking at you through a spyglass.

this weekend was one of the
winna-ing variety.
you know what we mean.
or do you?
regardless, this post will carry on.

we decided it would be fun to
test the waters in two different states this weekend.
idaho, and ohio; it was just a plus that they almost rhyme.
speaking of "almost,"
the other day we had a great time
reciting the lyrics to this song:

[clearly, this homemade sims version of the video
was the best way to present the song to you.]

all of that nonsense was bound to lead to
the recitation/karaoke of this:

this band is maybe the weirdest band ever.
seriously. that music video? wow.
but these songs are classic.

anyway, where were we?
weekend. right.
so we were in two different states that almost rhyme.
taylor went to visit our good friend philip.


taylor o. thinks philip is really kool.
wink, wink. nudge, nudge.

taylor b. got to enjoy some real
malad-style scenery with her good friends
leslie macfarlane and dylan lormier

taylor thinks leslie and dylan are pretty cool too.
but cool with a "c," not a "k."
they're different.
the highlight of the whole trip though,
had to be this fun little doody:

well, this has been a successful post,
and as is always with successful posts,
a very unproductive night.

we'll catch you on the flip side.
whatever that means.
who comes up with these phrases?

---taylor & taylor.

p.s. yes, we know there are more pictures of taylor b.'s trip
than there are of taylor o.'s.
we both had cameras.
we were both aware of the rules going in.
if you have a problem with it,
you can take it up with management.
(management always equals us).

p.p.s congrats to christian jacob frandsen;
he got his mission call to paris, france.
you're right, chrishty-boo.
that definitely warrants a shout out on the bloggy-boo.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

two ways to say goodbye.

it saddens us to have to
do this all over again,
but luckily we're gettin' down to the last of them.

we want to wish isaac the best of luck
as he embarks on some amazing
adventures in the land of brazil.
he's going to be a fantastic missionary,
and we can't wait to hear
his incredible stories and miracles.

go get 'em, isaac.
'til we meet again...
---taylor & taylor.

Monday, October 4, 2010

she's a little fragile.

it's fouurrrrr o'claaaahhck and all is wellllll.
except for not.
nothing is well.
today may in fact have been the most unwell day ever.
which provides the criterium for the perfect blog post.

today at the end of our shared class,
taylor o.'s backpack broke.
you heard us. broke.
the zipper was cleaned right of the zip.
or whatever.
the point is, it won't zip up.
nbd, though. we thought.

taylor o. had an important interview
to attend, and so taylor b. agreed to stay behind
and backpack-sit until she returned.
well, by the time she made it back,
the sky had turned black.
you heard us. black.

we met up with veronica just in time
for mother nature to drown us in her tears.
what a baby.
but seriously. we were soaked. in seconds.
not to mention, taylor o. had to carry her
backpack like a sumo wrestler through the
wind and the rain and the cats and the dogs.
good thing we had two umbrellas. yikes.

the storm got progressively worse as we
walked at a less-than-waddling pace back to the dollhouse.
our journey spanning the last block
was what one might consider a "joke."
shoes flying, umbrellas turning, backpacks dropping,
cars crashing, houses exploding, people dying...
it was scary.

as soon as we made it into #301
our bedroom door slammed shut.
we rushed to the room as we realized
that we had forgotten to shut the window,
and with the strength of 100 grown men,
pushed open the door, which had succumbed
to the pressure of the angry wind.

would you believe it if we told
you that our room had 3ft of water in it?
no? good. because that's just ridiculous.
the door to the attic was open however,
and we'll probs be sleeping in wet sheets tonight.
go figure.
go fish.

pictures would have been ideal for this post.
oh well.


we love that---taylor & taylor.