Sunday, September 8, 2013

the nfl's greatest rivalry.

taylor o.
according to our "about me" section
we only communicate via blog these days.
so it looks like we haven't talked in a month.
but that's obviously a lie because you're standing
right next to me in this picture:

so things that have happened in the last month?
i hung out with all those people above,
and i moved out of provo,
and i moved to washington, d.c.
and i got a boyfriend:

you wish. and i wish.
anyway, i get to see pretty cool things like 
the jefferson memorial:

on my run last week, i ran by the white house
and spent probably 15 minutes taking pictures of asians.
they need me. 
other than that, it's been a whole lot of
busy people who want nothing to do with you,
dirty metro stations,
expensive thai restaurants, 
and easily-offended feminists on public transportation.
so, exactly what i expected.
anyway, how are you?
it's been forever.

also, i got a boyfriend: