Monday, January 25, 2010

welcome to club january.

today we love:
-- the bachelor.
-- double chocolate-chunk cookies w/ peanut butter.
-- thatcher and ben, our missionaries.
-- economics & french homework homework homework homework homework homework.
-- cleaning the bathroom.
-- the english language---you can just do so much with it. for example:

today taywow b. went wunning. a scawy homeless man followed hew
fow the majowity of hew wun. she wan fastew. wofl.

also, you know life is bad when you find your
economics textbook genuinely hilarious.

and we have some exciting news to report.
there is now another freshman in our ward.
he's in our FHE group.
monaaaayyyyy baaaabaaay.
taylor b. is now the 3rd youngest,
but taylor o. is still the youngest.
her life is average.

"you don't reply to me." ---taylor o.
"you don't have anything i need to reply to." ---isaac.

we love that---taylow & taylow.

Friday, January 22, 2010

here comes peter cottontail.

we're spending friday night in provo.

goodnight facebook.

"i promise this doesn't hurt" ---taylor o.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

your leg is a wall.

hello all.
yesterday was a fun day.
taylor b. spent 4 hours in the econ lab,
finishing the assignment she worked on for 5 hours last thursday.
total hours spent on this week's assignment: 10 hours.
yee. hah.

tonight taylor o. came home with maybe the worst
stomach ache anyone has ever had ever.
but that's debatable because there have probably
been some pretty bad stomach aches throughout history.
like maybe during the holocaust for example.
and in case you're wondering,
we're still working on answering the question:
what is a jew?
we'll get back to you after we write our 24 page papers on the subject.

dinner was fresh tonight.
not the literal meaning of fresh though,
because we had leftovers.
we're just trying to adopt a more modern lingo.

anywho, taylor b.'s 3hr class only lasted an 1.5hrs tonight.
(all of taylor o.'s classes lasted the normal amount of time.
her life is average.)
afterward, we had the pals over for some american idol.
then we topped off with some SVU.

finally, taylor o. didn't run today.
this is a VERY big deal.
taylor b. and veronica send her their congratulations.
yay, yay, yay, yay, yay, yay.

goodnight facebook.

"i like your 'over and over' song." ---veronica.
"me too." ---taylor b.
"wait tay, you've heard it?" ---taylor o.
"well you've been singing over and over,
over and over again. so, yes." ---taylor b.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

the island and the redwoods.

here is a GREAT joke.

econ 110.
i mean, it's pretty comical.
(or economical. take your pick.)
anyway, it's actually not that funny.
it WOULD be funny if taylor b.
had done 5 hours of homework for it on thursday.
ha. now THAT would be hilarious.
oh well. guess the joke's on us.

taylor o. flew off to oregon/california this weekend
for some fun-filled adventures with the fam.
and, even better news yet,
she can text again beginning sunday night.
really, this is a pretty big deal.
it isn't as fun to text each other in the same room
when we're both using taylor b.'s phone.

taylor b. has taken a liking/loving to her darn tough's.
(those are a brand of socks, silly).
1. the have a lifetime warranty.
2. they're darn tough.
yeah, that about covers it.

finally, it's january 16th.
you know what that means?
well, for one, it means that we're halfway
through the month of january.
basically what we're getting at is,
we only have 15 days until we can look
at the next picture in our calender.
you can bet we'll be cookin' up some
pudding to celebrate that occasion.

"i saw josh on campus and smiled at him,
and i don't think he recognized me.
but by the way he looked at me,
i'm pretty sure he was judging my outfit.
i would too by what i was wearing." ---taylor o.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

the best of both worlds.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

as long as i'm laughing with you.


good news!

taylor b. got her ears pierced!
at claire's of course. which is located at south towne mall.
we also discovered that there are all sorts of fun things going on at the mall.

taylor o. went out of the shop to snap the next shot,
and almost got ran over by this train.

when taylor b.'s grandma saw taylor's ears she said,
"oh. i always hoped that at least one of my granddaughters wouldn't get their ears pierced."

taylor's shirt says: "no time for haters

if you need to go the bathroom,
just strap your child in this convenient stall child-restraint seat.
ur kidz rnt goin NOwhere baaabi.

this is taylor b. with vance and channing.
we met them in a novelty shop and shared
a relaxing massage moment in these $3,000 chairs.

finally to end the night,
we got the pallies together for a birthday dinner at
cheesecake factory. the wait was 2 hours.

we got a free piece of cheesecake
for guessing our waiter's age. mike: age 28.

we're pretty sure you'll be hearing more about mike soon.
he invited us to a loom concert:
"they like screeeeam. but the lyrics are so inspirational and uplifting!"
they're performing in provo. so, we're clearly going.

in other news:
congratulations to ben taylor,
who is now an official missionary.
he entered the mtc today at 1:15am,
(just kidding)
and on march 29th, he leaves for tokyo, japan.
we love him, and will miss him a lot.

and, it's a four-day weekend this weekend.
but it always is for us. jealous? we are. of ourselves.

"so my mom went to old navy the other day.
she got me some awesome pants.
they're these tan pants with a flannel lining."
---isaac hales.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

man of science, man of faith.

honey, i'm home!

we'rrrrrrre baaaaaaaack. at the dollhouse of course.
we really do love it here,
but maaan, talk about culture shock. again.

so, we've instituted some new rules.

#1 we have a new calendar, and we're not allowed
to look ahead at the pictures until the changing month.

#2 ben and/or michael have to visit no less than 2 nights a week.

#3 if either of us are sitting next to someone while
writing a blog post, there has to be a pillow in between
the two individuals until the post is finished.

#4 there is absolutely no touching the pudding until it
is adequately thickened. no exceptions.

#5 by the end of this semester 2/3 of #301's residents
must be able to correctly answer the question: what is a jew?

questions, comments, concerns? take it up with management.
a.k.a: us.

"my secret with car hugs is, people (girls or ben)
come to me. i slide-twist a one armed hug."
---michael milkanin.

"my secret to car hugs is that i have a truck
and it's just one, big bench seat."
---ben coburn.

"that would lead to more than just car hugs." ---taylor o.

"that's why it's his secret." ---taylor b.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

plan for the unplanned for.

here are some moments you missed over the break.
get a load of this self-timing magic:

taylor o. isn't in this one. that's because she was busy.
don't believe us? shoot her a text.

she was busy when this one was taken too.

also, this happened:

"why don't you use whatever magic she's using?" ---ben coburn.

we love that---taylor & taylor.