Monday, January 25, 2010

welcome to club january.

today we love:
-- the bachelor.
-- double chocolate-chunk cookies w/ peanut butter.
-- thatcher and ben, our missionaries.
-- economics & french homework homework homework homework homework homework.
-- cleaning the bathroom.
-- the english language---you can just do so much with it. for example:

today taywow b. went wunning. a scawy homeless man followed hew
fow the majowity of hew wun. she wan fastew. wofl.

also, you know life is bad when you find your
economics textbook genuinely hilarious.

and we have some exciting news to report.
there is now another freshman in our ward.
he's in our FHE group.
monaaaayyyyy baaaabaaay.
taylor b. is now the 3rd youngest,
but taylor o. is still the youngest.
her life is average.

"you don't reply to me." ---taylor o.
"you don't have anything i need to reply to." ---isaac.

we love that---taylow & taylow.

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  1. no time for homework.