Tuesday, May 31, 2011

just do it.

brian is from illinois.

"brian, does it bug you when people
pronounce illinois with an 's' ?"

"not really. it just shows how uneducated they are."

Monday, May 30, 2011

where do you go when you can't go home?

holy cow!
(there is a wikipedia page for
"holy cow." what the?)

it's june. on wednesday.
where has the year gone?
it's practically half over already.
do you realize that?
we're celebrating the end of may
with a few fun things:

1. taylor o. got a new phone.
2. we can text thatcher now.
3. we're going to jerusalem in 90 days.

memorial day is always a good day to
remember things.
we're remembering all the men and women
who have served and given their lives
so that we can enjoy the liberties
and freedom that we do everyday.
thank you.

also, any sort of holiday during
a scheduled school year at the
lots of families and lots of obnoxious,
hyper kids, running around, tearing
things off the walls and riding
the fitting stools like race cars up and
down the track.
in other words, death.
metaphorically speaking, of course.

keep reading.
keep running.
keep being funny.


p.s. shout out to brandon,
(yes, you're getting an early shout out)
we're excited for your 3-flavored cake!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

i have a story to tell you.

these were taken two years ago
on one of our last days with thatcher olson.

tomorrow, we'll have some new pictures
of the first moments of his return.
it's been TWO YEARS!
tomorrow can't come fast enough.

Monday, May 23, 2011

you can't play on broken strings.

1. thatcher bryce olson comes home in less
than 2 days. we're not excited at all.

2. these are our friends
kelly and alison.
we think they're cool and nice and neat.
we think hannah is cool too.
let's get a picture, han.
(she is going to read this).

taylor o. is wearing her fancy noteworthy
outfit, because she is fancy and in noteworthy.
taylor b. is wearing a striped shirt,
because she likes stripes and shirts.

3. the rain is beautiful and wonderful
and we love it.
taylor b. especially loves listening to it
when it wakes her up in the middle of the night.
and she loves listening to taylor o. beat
box in the middle of the night.
a chorus of pure bliss.
"music to the ears," one might say.

4. speaking of music,
taylor b. is going to study for a test now,
while taylor o. takes a nap.
because we like studying and napping.

what does that have to do with music?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

don't judge a post my its comments.

a couple weeks ago,
we had something real happen to us.
we watched a man attempt to set himself
on fire in the middle of a busy intersection.
what the?
okay, yes.

it all started with a seemingly mundane
bike ride to the local 7/11 to return a few redbox movies.
when we arrived, there was a crowd
of rather peculiar persons lingering in front of the store.
what the?
we of course thought nothing of the cocktail
of strange people. normal.
but it wasn't normal.
finally, we noticed a common feature they all shared.
mullets and cigarettes? no.
they were all staring in the direction
of the nearest intersection.

we joined the club and what did we see?
a man, standing in his underwear
drawing a circle around himself with lighter fluid.
what the?
then, with a little spray of WD-40,
he attempted to light himself on fire.
are we serious? incredibly.
as if the night could get any stranger.
(clearly, that means the night got stranger.)
the store clerk ran out from behind the counter
and joined the club (pretty elite by now),
all the while wailing about how the lighter fluid
and WD-40 was stolen.
hello, ma'am? don't care.

our slightly psychotic friend then ran from
his circle of flaming trust (ha. punny.) to the nearest dumpster
and started pulling wooden lighting crates out,
with an attempt to break them with
his overwhelming strength and underwhelming stupidity.

only then did our local police force arrive.
they chased down dr. pyro for about 100m
before blasting him with a taser.
yes, we watched him get tasered,
and yes, we watched him superman onto the blacktop.
what the?

luckily, the officers asked us to fill out a police report.

moral of the story?

1. that tingly feeling taylor b. gets in her knees
when she is supposed to bring a camera along?
she shouldn't blow it off.
sixth sense.

2. what the?

p.s. here are some phone images:

image 1 : us waiting for reports to fill out.
image 2: taylor o. with police car in background.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

bike rides every day and lunch trays every night.

it's that time again:
where we blog.
this time is different though,
because we have something real to blog about.
normally we just blog about fake things.

see this place?
we call it, Jerusalem, Israel.

anyway. on august 31st, 2011,
we're going to get straight on a plane
and fly ourselves over there.
(well, we won't be flying anything, obviously.)
then we're going to stay there
for a few months at the BYU jerusalem center.
just, you know, because.

we're best friends and study pals,
blogging partners, and running buddies
and now we're going to do all of those
things in the holy land this fall.
together. always together.

sorry it's taken so long to announce.
it's just like our friend laura told us:
"it's sort of like how pregnant women
don't tell people they're pregnant until
the second trimester."

so, yeah.
great, huh?
we have some great plans for this place,
(aka our blog)
in case you were wondering.

happy sunday.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

it's my life.

1. ice cream cones on our bicycles.

2. veggie avocado sandwiches.

3. catch in the park.

4. bicycle flash mob.

5. blossom petals blowing off the trees.

6. overall shorts and sandals.

7. sunshine.

8. a great book and visits from old friends.

just a few things (8 things, to be precise)
that made friday one of the best days yet.
spring semester is rockin'.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

aceto balsamico.

taylor b. here.
i'm pretty passionate about current events,
and currently, the event everyone is talking about
is obviously the death of usama bin laden.
after much thought and research,
i've formulated an opinion.
my intent as a writer and as an involved
citizen is not to promote disdain or "prove" anything,
but to provoke thought among those
who are also interested in the same things i'm passionate about.
i hope i'm able to do that
if you so choose to read what i have to say,
which you can find here.

yes, i know, this is not a typical "taylor squared" post,
but i felt it acceptable to share at this time.

in other news, we do have some news for y'all.
stay tuned.