Sunday, May 15, 2011

bike rides every day and lunch trays every night.

it's that time again:
where we blog.
this time is different though,
because we have something real to blog about.
normally we just blog about fake things.

see this place?
we call it, Jerusalem, Israel.

anyway. on august 31st, 2011,
we're going to get straight on a plane
and fly ourselves over there.
(well, we won't be flying anything, obviously.)
then we're going to stay there
for a few months at the BYU jerusalem center.
just, you know, because.

we're best friends and study pals,
blogging partners, and running buddies
and now we're going to do all of those
things in the holy land this fall.
together. always together.

sorry it's taken so long to announce.
it's just like our friend laura told us:
"it's sort of like how pregnant women
don't tell people they're pregnant until
the second trimester."

so, yeah.
great, huh?
we have some great plans for this place,
(aka our blog)
in case you were wondering.

happy sunday.


  1. you are going to have a FABULOUS time!! jeal. i have heard so many great things about that program. and life long friends are made on study abroads. #obviously. can't wait for those blog posts. they will be holy and great.

  2. Hey, I have this awesome running/LOST/Noteworthy party planned on September 1st. Do you guys want to come? Oh wait...
    Man, this blog is going to be so great once you're in the Holy Land. I mean, even better, if that's possible. Plus, you'll come back spiritual giants and stuff. YES!