Saturday, December 26, 2009

kobe malone.

it's christmas break and that means this:
pathetic, right?
what could honestly be more fun than manipulating
the lives of simulated characters?
probably lots of things,
but that's not the point here.

the point is,
someone's got to play games like these,
or no one would make them to begin with.

"dee-dobbee-do." --- jason simule.

we love that--- taylor & taylor.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

are you still awake?

we're enjoying our christmas just about as much
as we thought we would --- a lot.
so far we've had some pretty fun experiences.
taylor o. has loved playing mary in the live nativity
at liberty park called, "echoes of christmas."
she's pretty famous now.
you might have seen this photo in the newspaper:

taylor b. got to spend some quality time
cross country skiing with shalaya kipp, and has acquired a nasty case
of tendinitis in her elbow because of it.
but it was still fun.

along with caroling, shopping, wrapping, eating,
running, reading, sleeping and laughing,
we've had some pretty fun moments so far.
we can't wait for more to come!

merry christmas, everyone!

"bt to the w
tay b and me = 9 mutuals
tay o and me = 53 mutuals

53/9 = 5.889 olsons per berhow" ---ben c.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

benny and the jets, and 4 billion live cells.

here is a post that was supposed to be shared on
wednesday december 16, 2009,
but was neglected instead.

last night = out of control.
it started like any other normal study-party.

dishes? they can wait 'til after finals.
cleaning? that can wait 'til after finals.
studying? that can wait 'til after finals, too.

let's start with two words:
ben coburn.

and, we'll play around with a couple more:
leslie macfarlane.

hahahahaha, word games are fun.

ok, ok. here are some more:
mona vie.
christmas candy.
christmas cookies.
jefferson and liberty.
whipped cream.
cornbread powder.
balsamic vinegar.
facebook log-out.
computer date.
focus issues.

pretty neat, huh?

one more day of finals,
then we're going to high-tail it up to the big city
for our long-awaited CHRISTMAS VACATION!!
wish us luck,
because if you don't, we'll just wish ourselves luck.

"clean it up, clean it up." ---taylor o.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the riblets are still in the freezer.

guess what we're doing all week?
it's been a fun week. and it's only tuesday.

"and it's all about to come tumbling down." ---veronica.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

Monday, December 14, 2009

i'd give it all for you.

"welcome to the dollhouse, my dear."

it's friday night,
and pictures speak at least a few sentences each.

thanks to these two {natalie allen & isaac hales} along with, ally morgan, hillary alleman, dearest bracelet, and of course us, {a.k.a taylor squared}, ben recieved several thousand notifications. yup. we're cool. and we like that.

isaac, natalie, leslie, ben, taylor b., hillary, jeff.

walgreens is open 24/7. and these tigers are for sale, 24/7.

sonic drive-in---clearly.

we ordered some french toast sticks to go,
and as we were handed our order,
we saw a sign that read, '.49 cent hot chocolate.'
so, naturally, we drove back through again.

"is it true you have .49 cent hot chocolate?" ---us.
"umm, [ten seconds later] yes." ---drive-thru attendee.
"we'll take three please." ---us.

"so, during happy hour, is hot chocolate 24 and 1/2 cents?" ---us.
"umm, i'm not sure. no one has ever ordered it then." ---drive-thru attendee.

you can back we'll be back to check it out.

in other news,
we LOVED the mormon tabernacle christmas concert.
what a way to bring more christmas spirit into our lives.
and, we have finals this week.
you can bet that we know all about finals.
wish us luck, and remember, let it schnow!

"i spent $230 on my jeans." ---jeff walsh.
"that's worse than the $33 ice cream scoop." ---a'lissa.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

no. i do not want to chat with you.

"ah, but it's cold outside!"

today on our run, we had to run in the street,
because the sidewalks were buried.
we just loved getting sprayed with
the dirty, cold, icy slush as the cars zoomed by.

but really, we did.

we've been waiting for 9 months for snow-runs like these,
and we don't take this kind of weather lightly.

let it schnow, let it schnow, let it schnow!

"listen to the fireplace ROAR!" ---tom jones.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

Monday, December 7, 2009

can you tell it in five sentences or less?

we promised an update,
so consider this us fulfilling that promise.

some highlights from the last week.

sunday (the 29th):
we went to holly brimhall's birthday
scone extravaganza!
some congratulations are in order:
happy 20th, girlfriend!
we met a girl named stacey-marie.

us: "what's your name?"
sm: "stacey-marie. one girl, two names."
us: "perfect. we're taylor. two girls, one name."

let's skip a few days.

thursday (the 3rd):
this night involved our two favorite places,
and our new favorite people.
1. deseret industries.

2. zupa's.
3. leslie (she isn't new, but she's our favorite. robl.)
4. ben, sean and philip.
(ben wanted a whole post dedicated to him,
but really ben? you've gotta work up to that.
for now, you get to share a number).

taylor b. picked up two new pieces of flannel. $3, & $4.
ben found a pretty rad xango shirt for a $1.
the funny thing is, earlier while walking around campus,
a dollar bill literally fell from the sky, and he caught it.
coincidence? most likely.

zupa's was just as INCREDIBLE as ever.
just like yoplait, it's so good.

friday (the 4th):
one word: logan.
taylor b. high-tailed it up north,
and man, she didn't regret it.
just some highlights:
- the living and learning center.
- the fine arts building.
- the bevwood quartet.
- natalie allen & hannah mcvea.
- crazy dancing.
- midnight swimming.
- angie's diner.
- wintery morning drive, & mcdonald's sausage biscuits.
- and of COURSE, finally getting to meet hillary & nathan.

all in all, best friday night ever!

taylor o. wasn't able to make the journey to logan-town,
so she sat at home bored out of her mind
(you can only watch so many hours of glee),
until stewart came and saved her.
thank you!

saturday (the 5th):
taylor b.'s brother attended his first formal dance.
taylor o. had some great family bonding time and a useless rehearsal. yes!

that's all folks!

"i used to love the smell of burning gasoline in the morning." --- richard e. terry.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

easy as breathing.

hey there.
we certainly have a lot to fill you in on.
but, now isn't the time for that type of behavior.
we'll do that in some other post.

you're probably wondering,
"why are they posting something if they have nothing to say?"
well, to those people we say this:

we never said we had nothing to say,
only that we weren't going to say it tonight.

plus, there IS reason for this post,
and this is it.


"the sun will come out tomorrow,
even if your boyfriend did today." --- hillary's quote wall.

man, we're on one, tonight.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

perfection in a bite.

we have quite the story for you.

three nights ago, veronica lost her retainer.
she took it out, put it in the case, and then dropped the case on the ground by accident.
so, naturally she reached down to pick it up, but when she did, there was no retainer inside the case.

she looked high, and low.
she searched under her bed, dresser, desk, papers, and laundry,
but it was no where to be found.

two nights ago, taylor b. also lost her retainer.
she put it in her mouth just before she went to bed,
and when she woke up, it was gone.
she also searched under her bed, papers, dresser, bags---everything.

two retainers, gone. no trace. no signs. no clues.

last night taylor b. was reading (eclipse, of course),
and at about 11:30 pm there was a loud pounding on the wall.
she looked up, confused, and then went back to reading.
30 seconds later, the pounding returned.
it was clearly coming from the wall separating her room from veronica's room.
she then heard some rustling coming from the same location,
and almost got up to go search for the source of the rambunctious noise,
but naturally, she continued to read. duh.

as the hours ticked on, both taylor b. and veronica were retainer-less.
in a last crusade to maintain their straightened teeth,
apartment 301 conducted a final search. of ages.

luckily, taylor b. had a headlamp and shakeable flashlight.
so, taylor o. & veronica began the search in veronica's room,
while taylor b. searched in her own room.
just then, taylor b. spotted the little red plastic piece very
located centrally under her bed.
"i found mine!!" ---taylor b.
"you did?!" ---veronica.
"there it is!"---taylor o.

just as taylor b. pull hers from the dust,
taylor o. spotted veronica's, located near the very back wall, underneath her bed.
luckily, taylor b. has arms any monkey would be envious of,
and the recovery of the retainer from the dusty darkness was not an issue.
coincidence? obviously not.

what can you take from this story?
clearly, that retainer bandits need to be added to the list
of stereotypes associated with provo.
now if that doesn't give you nightmares,
we don't know what will.

on a lighter and brighter note,
veronica and taylor b. have retainers to wear
at night, so their teeth won't go crooked.
but you already knew that. rofc.

"that title is perfect. in more ways than one." ---taylor b.

we love that---taylor & taylor.