Wednesday, July 28, 2010

still that mockingbird won't sing.

come one, come all.

tomorrow is the second concert
in the dive-in summer concert series.
if you didn't come last thursday,
you missed out.
it was a lot of fun, and the artists were prime.

come to swim, or don't.
the choice is yours.
it's a great way to enjoy the beginning of
what's bound to be an excellent summer night.
bring your friends, or don't.
the choice is yours again.

it starts at 7:00pm.
refer to the facebook page link for details.
(it looks just like this:)

see you there.

t² Changs.

summer is just ticking away.
can you believe july is almost over?
we're sad and happy about it.

1. we're excited for school to begin.
we like school.
believe it, or don't. it doesn't matter to us.

2. we have some pretty cool friends.
we're excited to be with them all the time.

3. we have a new set of rules to implement.
details are tbb (to be blogged).

plus, now that july is almost over,
august is bound to bring some great new adventures.
a few great books are bound to come out,
and a few of our favorite people are bound to visit.

we've been thinking a lot about how great
the beginning of the last school year was.
this year is bound to be 30,000 times better.

plus, thatcher comes home in less than 10 months,
and ben has been out for almost 7. yeeah.
and we've been hitting each others' funny bones a lot lately.

"i was about to asking her if she wanted to hang out,
but then i realized i needed to calm down." ---taylor b.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

i've been to london, paris, tokyo, georgia and new orelans.

july has clearly been a rough blogging month.
some months are like that, you know?
rough blogging months.
you hear us.

as far as we can tell,
summer is just ticking away.
we're sure you can tell also.
it's been pretty HOT too.
we got to cool off a little bit, though.
in st. george.
fun stuff.
pictures TBP.

for now, we'd like to inform you of something fun.
plans on thursday night?
any thursday night?
every thursday night for the rest of the summer?
well, come to some free dive-in concerts,
with some cool local artists.
it's fun, it's chill, it's free.
here is the facebook page,
which is really the only kind of page worth mentioning.

see ya.

"do you have any of those muffins left?"

we love that---taylor & taylor.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


thursday was maybe the best night ever.

we played the hunger games.

don't know what that is?
look it up.

thanks shalaya.
capture the flag was so much
more than we ever hoped it would be.

"maybe we got lost somewhere,
we can't move on and we can't stay here.
maybe we just had enough,
well, maybe we ain't meant for this love.
you and me tried everything,
but still that mockingjay won't sing..."
---rob thomas.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

rome to home.

a few matters of business:

1. happy 4th of july!
we're sincerely grateful for those who
have fought and sacrificed for the freedoms
that we enjoy daily.
thank you!

2. welcome home, leslie!
we're excited that you're back,
and can't wait to all be in the
same place at the same time.

3. we're book worms.
taylor o. (as you know) is in thailand,
but it's been supa rainy,
so she's just been reading the whole time.
and taylor b. has no excuses,
it's just all she does anymore.
so, if you need some good suggestions,
we're bound to have them.
feel free to come join our upcoming
details are TBD. (to be decided).

well, that's about it folks.
summer is great.
hope your enjoying you'res.


"sorry about the CAPS overload." ---taylor o.

we love that---taylor & taylor.