Saturday, October 29, 2011

walking through the forest.

hello all.
we're still in jerusalem.

we just got back from a week in jordan,
and it was a really neat experience.
the jordanian people are some of the nicest,
if not the nicest, that we've encountered
here in our travels around the middle east.
amman, the jordanian capitol,
is large, clean, and has a hoppin' night life.
wednesday night, we had the opportunity
to enjoy a little dining american-style,
and enjoyed some live music.
lots of creed, hinder, and nickelback covers.
and the surrounding locals loved to hear
about our non-smoking/non-drinking ways.
they were happy to hear that as muslims,
the weren't the only ones.

we also ran into out friend from high school.
what the?
what are the chances?
well, the chances don't really matter,
because what happened, happened.
and it happened.

we've got some finals and essays and
field trips over the next couple weeks,
and then we head out to galilee for 2 weeks.
and.....we only have 47 days to go.
what the?!

even though israel doesn't really celebrate
the cool american holidays, like halloween,
thanksgiving, and christmas,
you don't have to worry about us.
obviously we'll be taking matters into our
own hands.
except, we don't really like halloween,
and probably won't do anything about that one.
except maybe eat.
so, basically, nothing different from
any other day.

but we've heard some rumors about a mean
thanksgiving feast that mahmud is cookin' up
for us american losers.
maybe even with freshly-caught turkey.
and...cranberry sauce?
we'll keep you posted.

'tis the season.
(you know how we are
about the season.)

---taylor & taylor.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

what the what?

here in ISREL (that's short for israel),
we've had midterms.
midterms from...HLL, even.
we've been studying like CRZY all week,
and with one more PPR to go,
victory is near.


"victory was near.
but the ring of power, could not be undone.
it was in this moment when
isildur, son of the king,
took up his father's sword.
sauron, the enemy of the free
peoples of middle earth was defeated."

the moral of the story is,
we have this one chance to destroy evil.
but our hearts are easily corrupted.

and MYBE we've been itching to
watch lord of the rings for WKS now.
and maybe taylor b. typed that scene out
from her own MMRY.

well, don't be.
you SHLDN'T expect anything less.

Monday, October 3, 2011

home can be anywhere.

wake up, everyone.
september is over!

okay, bad joke.
actually, not even really a joke.

what's a joke, though,

is that we've been here for 34 days.

it's october 3rd.

taylor b. got a halloween card in
the mail this evening.

it was 100 degrees in the negev desert today.

we saw some more ancient dirt,
but not together,
because we're never together here.

except for right now.
and a lot of other times.

we accidentally stayed up until 1:40am
last night, which may not sound late,
but it is here.
only the couples "studying" in the
bomb shelter stay up that late.

we're practically a couple, though,
so no big deal.

peace out.