Saturday, October 8, 2011

what the what?

here in ISREL (that's short for israel),
we've had midterms.
midterms from...HLL, even.
we've been studying like CRZY all week,
and with one more PPR to go,
victory is near.


"victory was near.
but the ring of power, could not be undone.
it was in this moment when
isildur, son of the king,
took up his father's sword.
sauron, the enemy of the free
peoples of middle earth was defeated."

the moral of the story is,
we have this one chance to destroy evil.
but our hearts are easily corrupted.

and MYBE we've been itching to
watch lord of the rings for WKS now.
and maybe taylor b. typed that scene out
from her own MMRY.

well, don't be.
you SHLDN'T expect anything less.

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