Tuesday, August 6, 2013

farmers' market

dear taylor,

here are a few pictures
(and a few words)
that describe my experiences so far.

hike. hollywood sign.

nanny. stickers. sweaty. gross.

temple. lds.

first friday. food trucks galore. delicious.


sick child. hospital. poor guy.

party. president of paramount. big deal.

provo. cake. birthday.

family history. temple square.

marriage. love. etc.

 a day in the life.

so, in a nutshell,
i nanny,
i intern,
i hang out,
i go to church,
i eat,
i sit in lots of traffic,
i sleep,
i run,
and i love it.

if that doesn't give you a slice of life,
i don't know what does.
maybe you'd rather have a slice of pie,
but i can only do so much.

if you do happen to have pie though,
enjoy it.
you know i would.

love ya,