Saturday, June 26, 2010

maybe you should call 119.

hello all.
our summer is going pretty well.

taylor o. for example, is on her way to thailand.
she really loves it there. it's practically her home.
see for yourself.

this is her as a baby. she was such a cutie,
and just look at that backyard. so well manicured.
go dad!

this is her as a school girl in bangkok.
she was always quite the model.

what a great elephant.
dinner time!

just taking some tourists for a boat ride.
they're so funny.

taylor squared visit.
chillin at the market,
just doin sum shoppin.

her dance final.
yeah, and you thought your classes were cool.

model shot at the harbor.

this is when her boyfriend proposed.
the wedding is TBA, but it will most likely be in thailand.

in other news,
approximately 90% of taylor b.'s friends
are in tokyo right now.
go figure.
go fish.

okay. taylor b. has to watch
"michael jackson and bubbles: the untold story" now.

"we are UPSTAIRS. as in our seats. are. upstairs.
as in, we're in a 2 story 747.
---taylor o.

we LOVE that---taylor and taylor.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

i got my hands in my pocket, and i'll take what i need.

get out and


today's the day.

"i'd be fine with living there." ---taylor o.

we love that---taylor and taylor.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the sound of music.

two of our friends are entering
the MTC today.

so long, farewell.
they're going to be great missionaries,
we just know it.

wer gittin down to thuh last of em.

good luck ben & sean!
see you in two years.

"don't tell him that, though. haha." ---taylor o.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

p.s. you can always tell which of our posts
are written late at night,
because we start writing in weird dialects.

also, ben and sean will probably never see this post.
oopsie daisy.

p.s. again:
check out taylor o.'s new website.
click here.

she likes to sing. and blog.
so clearly the whole thing is perfect. biiyeeee.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

HOME sweet HOME.

today shalaya raced in the 3000m
steeplechase prelims
at NCAA nationals,
and qualified for finals
which are scheduled for this saturday.

she's fast and all that jazz,
but mostly we just want
this nationals nonsense to
end so she can finally

"taylor and taylor are missing
out on this giant version of edward." --- leslie.

we know, we know.
we can't all be in london all the time.
we can however all be in utah all the time.
come home please, thnx.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

also, did we mention home is sweet?
taylor o. happens to be moving home
in just a few days.
ah, the sweetness of home.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

you can't help it if i look like an angel.

my, my, how time does fly---
or so we've heard.
you can't take things literally these days.

it's a little crazy that we graduated
over a year ago.
now look where we are?
practically in the same place,
geographically speaking.
but that's not the point here.

we're growing up, and listen here,
growing up isn't necessarily defined by actions.
ask anyone. or taylor b.
so what if she spent a few hours
watching DVR'd episodes of
"sabrina the teenage witch."
she is still a teenager, after all.

and look at taylor o.
this time last year,
she wasn't even allowed into
the adult spa on our senior trip.
now look at her.
the desk attendant at that spa wouldn't dare ask for ID.
but even if she did ask,
she would have to let her in.

our point here is,
don't judge a book by it's cover,
the early bird gets the worm,
and time flies when you're having fun,
or so we've been told.

"popliteal tendon?!" ---taylor b.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

i can't help it if you look like an angel.

a few of our friends have announced
their engagements over the past couple days.

we can't wait to get married.
why you may ask?


if that doesn't excite you for marriage,
we don't know what will.

"what do i do if he says some comment like 'we should do something again sometime!'
what do I say? 'NO. WE SHOULDN'T.' " ---taylor o.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

p.s. thanks for the video tip, dylan.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

you can laugh if you want.

yesterday was National Running Day.
wanna know how we celebrated?
not by running, if that's what you were thinking.
you may have not noticed, but taylor o. had a little oopsie daisy..
(see previous post).
taylor b. has a small demon living inside of her IT band.
it lives!

on the bright side,
yesterday was also "Yell 'Fudge!' At the Cobras in North America" day.
to be honest, we were stumped on how to celebrate that one.
but we did have some choice memories with some choice pals.

taylor o. sang in her first college concert yesterday!
she did gahrate.

also, we decided to change the blog around.
it's summer now, after all.

"wanna go and meet a random?" ---taylor o.
"do i look like i want to go and meet a random right now?" ---taylor b.

we love that---taylor & taylor.