Sunday, December 23, 2012

it is the season.

for the finest scotch.

and the finest snow.

for friends young, and old.

for magic.

and of course, for christmas cheer.

was that solidly holidly or what?


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

say my name.

okay, look.
we get it. we blog.
it's a thing we do sometimes.
we're not proud of it,
 but it's not something we can deny.
i'm not saying that our blog is the funniest
or the most sarcastic or the most interesting.
but what am saying is this:
guys, c'mon. do we not have the best 
pictures and fashion out of any other blog out there?
do we not blog about the best food?
i felt it would be disloyal to our readers
if we didn't share our blogging secrets.
consider this your christmas present.

the key to food photography is
making your dish look interesting.
give a little background or tell a story.
also, if you're going to put more than
one picture on, make sure the setting and
contexts varies ever so slightly.
here's an example of a little treat
we call "our lunch almost every day."

see the contrast in those two photos?
the first really brings out the peanut butter
and the graham cracker, and the second
really makes the chocolate chips pop.
or maybe it's the other way around. i can't remember.
sorry, no recipe. we want to leave you guessing.

fashion photography is a different story.
we'll start with what we like to call "the abstract."
the abstract is usually 2-3 photos that are almost 
exactly the same. this way, the reader
is able to really focus on the fashion of the photo,
not whatever the model is doing.
better yet, catch the model doing something
really embarrassing--like driving.
it keeps things honest.
we really wanted to highlight the contrasting
colors and block coloring/pattern of our model's attire.
shirt: not sure sweater:not sure

next. self-taken images are key in 
proper fashion photography. 
they really express the confidence
you have in your outfit to your readers.
readers need to know that you know 
you have a good sense of fashion.
how else will they trust your 
tastes and suggestions?
utilizing the flash is important,
because it gives your photo an element of mystery.
smudges and dust on the mirror are less than ideal,
but they really do accentuate the outfit's,
"i just threw this on" vibe.
sorry, i can't remember where i got 
anything that i'm wearing. 

finally, you should mix up your pictures
by having someone else take some different
poses or your outfits.
the key to "the series," as we like to call it,
is, again, only slightly changing your position.
you want your readers to have a good idea
of your whole outfit.
these pictures also give you a good opportunity
to show off your personality a little.

love you guys, our readers!
don't forget to enter our giveaway!

*sorry about the poor quality of these photos. 
they were taken with my sucky iphone 4s.