Sunday, September 8, 2013

the nfl's greatest rivalry.

taylor o.
according to our "about me" section
we only communicate via blog these days.
so it looks like we haven't talked in a month.
but that's obviously a lie because you're standing
right next to me in this picture:

so things that have happened in the last month?
i hung out with all those people above,
and i moved out of provo,
and i moved to washington, d.c.
and i got a boyfriend:

you wish. and i wish.
anyway, i get to see pretty cool things like 
the jefferson memorial:

on my run last week, i ran by the white house
and spent probably 15 minutes taking pictures of asians.
they need me. 
other than that, it's been a whole lot of
busy people who want nothing to do with you,
dirty metro stations,
expensive thai restaurants, 
and easily-offended feminists on public transportation.
so, exactly what i expected.
anyway, how are you?
it's been forever.

also, i got a boyfriend:

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

farmers' market

dear taylor,

here are a few pictures
(and a few words)
that describe my experiences so far.

hike. hollywood sign.

nanny. stickers. sweaty. gross.

temple. lds.

first friday. food trucks galore. delicious.


sick child. hospital. poor guy.

party. president of paramount. big deal.

provo. cake. birthday.

family history. temple square.

marriage. love. etc.

 a day in the life.

so, in a nutshell,
i nanny,
i intern,
i hang out,
i go to church,
i eat,
i sit in lots of traffic,
i sleep,
i run,
and i love it.

if that doesn't give you a slice of life,
i don't know what does.
maybe you'd rather have a slice of pie,
but i can only do so much.

if you do happen to have pie though,
enjoy it.
you know i would.

love ya,

Monday, July 29, 2013

the sum of all funs.


where to begin?
i'll start at the beginning and see where that takes us.
last weekend, after andy visited you, he visited me.
and i made him a sandwich with the cheese
we've kept in the fridge for 2.5 years.
it was a feast. much like thanksgiving
without the thanks or the giving or the turkey,
and with 2.5 year old cheese.
and no one ate anything.

i went camping,
but the only photo evidence i have is
of cortney and i trying to take pictures
in the back seat while going through
pockets of shade and bountiful sunshine.

i worked a lot,
which meant moments like this
with one of the top 5 funniest people i know:

i had a superb 24th of july,
complete with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
and cliff jumping, fireworks, and the greatest
sports movie to ever exist ever.

you went to a wedding here in salt lake,
and i went with you.
and scott.
and we got just the right amount of photo evidence:

all in all, i've learned about 2 life lessons,
which are these:

are we allowed to post inspirational
graphics on our blog?
of course we are. it's our blog.
don't be mad.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

living my own LA story.

taylor b.,

it's a great big world out there.
i can say that only because
i managed to leave my little apartment TWICE today.
(see video below)

though you already know,
i will insert a side note here for
those who don't know:
i moved to LA.
it feels just like home though
since i have a red couch.

now that we have that covered, 
let's talk about what's happened.

i drove more than i have ever
driven in my life.
10 hours to phoenix
then 6 hours to LA.

why phoenix, you ask?
as I explained on snapchat:

and on instagram:

(once again, i'm with scott.)

in phoenix, i learned 3 main things.

1. it is hot there.

2. it is hot there.

3. it is hot there.
no jk.

2. the best things never last.

(sorry for breaking you, thatcher)

3. scott is related to "jack"
(yes, i used "air quotes" for you)
as seen below with thatcher and featured in {this} vintage post.
small world...

in LA I also have learned 3 main things.

1. every job has its pros and its cons.

pros: making contacts, learning stuff, being in LA, free rent.

cons: babysitting a child who has a problem with pooping his pants.

2. no matter where I am, 
life is more exciting with andy mockler involved.
(Yes I am talking about {this} andy)

need proof?
we went to dinner and found this sign:

so.... should we call the number?

3. i have awesome friends and family.

scott was nice enough to help me move out.

when I took him to the airport today,
it hit me how grateful I am for everyone
who loves and supports me.

sorry to get all sentimental and stuff,
but I guess it's what happens when you 
enter the real world.

i miss you.
and provo.
but mainly provo = you.
(and yes, that IS a reflection on my social life.)

love and kisses (wink wink),
taylor o.

Monday, July 15, 2013

a tale of the finer things in life: part iv.

taylor o,
time flies when you're having more fun
than you've ever had in your whole entire life.
storytellers are dramatic. 
it's july 15th if you didn't already know.
i'll start by saying this:
provo just isn't what it used to be.
i'm not entirely sure what i mean by that,
but it just feels right.

all i know is,
here i am,
sitting on the couch that we no longer share,
thinking about how we're no longer roommates
and how i could really go for a good grilled cheese.
on that terribly depressing note,
 here are some things to chew on:

1. i had the greatest fourth of july of all time.
we were together for part of it.
but that was the last night i saw you.
it seems only fitting that the last thing we did together
involved me mastering the "goofy fall" into the pool
while you critiqued it, on america's birthday.

2. i went on a road trip with your family and you weren't there.
it worked out though, because i love the mountains
and your family. and i'm pretty sure they love me,
but you can't trust anyone these days. except for ourselves
and our families, so, moot point.

and, in case you don't remember THIS:
i included a photo for your viewing pleasure. 

also, i'd just like to say that, a good idea 
would be for us to bring back air quotes.
you know, put "quotation marks"
around "things" that don't really need "them."
all the blogs are doing "it" these days.

i mean, i don't really know what else to say.
my life is hollow and meaningless without you here
rocking me to sleep in my sanitary pajamas,
or encouraging me to, "go ahead. have an 11th cookie."
but such is life.

lots of people have just been asking lots of questions
about what i'm going to do in DC.
to make things easier, i've drawn up
a structured response that touches
on all the reasons i'll be out there.
they obviously include investigating gang warfare
in its unnatural habitat, interning for a congressman,
and firing up some politicos with a few good racial
slurs at the washington monument.
so, nothing that different from my life here.
except the internship part.
unless you consider napping a kind of internship,
which i do, so, catch-22. 

if you need me, i'm available via iphone 4s (so, imessaging),
email, real mail, smoke signals, or pony express.
(this is me trying to be available to you).
or gchat probably. but less and less these days.

k bye & xoxo,
taylor b. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

mad world.

it's coloring time tonight in our apartment.
not sure really why you would care.
but that's the point of blogs: you read things
you don't really care about. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

new blog, new us.

february is that month every year where
we look at each other and think,
"it's time to really dive into our new year's resolutions."
for example, taylor b. decided she was going
to stop watching so much netflix and start doing more homework.
but that got old quick.
so we decided to spend some quality
 time revamping this place.
a penny saved is a penny earned.

the best new year's resolutions are the ones
that unexpectedly come about in mid-february. 
they're the ones you really feel obligated to keep.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


rise and shine upper east-siders!
gossip girl, here.
we have so much juicy gossip to dish about ourselves
and our friends.

1. this gangsta got into law school.
go team.
school is easy.

2. we love snapchatting.
we knew this already, but we've really come into
ourselves as snapchatters these past couple weeks.

it's also safe to assume we select our
friends based on their snapchatting abilities.

3. sunday was SUPERBOWL SUNDAY.

it paired quite nicely with our recent TV SATURDAY.

4. ally again.

5. taylor o. invented a new a new hairstyle.
it's called "the rocket." 

6. these balloons are still going after exactly 4 weeks.
mom always said you can go anywhere with a little
helium and good knot.
(to be taken literally).

7. snapchattingonsnapchattingonsnapchatting.

8. we gave blood yesterday.
sorry we accidentally wore matching outfits
even though we got dressed in the same room
at the same time.
the red cross workers didn't know what to do.
embarrassing for us, but more embarrassing for them.

9. last week we helped our friend karissa
 shovel this parking space with an ice scrapper.

10. we like bananas. don't be mad.