Saturday, February 26, 2011

the sweetest story.

"well. i could sit in my room and
listen through the connecting door,
but that sounds a little unpleasant."

"and that would tell you nothing."

"wellllll. i can't watch... i don't have xray
vision. unless i joined them and said
i wanted to get drunk too then got drunk."

"DOOO IT!!!"

"such a good idea right now."

just some fun texting between us, obv.
we normally text each other from our own beds,
but this weekend we're texting from
different states.
as in, taylor o. is in FLORIDA right now.
you'd better believe it.
and by the looks of things (see above convo),
it sounds like she's havin' a pretty rockin' time.
but anyway.
cool, huh?
noteworthy rules.

k, well.
we'll leave you with this:

---t & t.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i left my heart in fran sancisco.

the semester is just rolling right along.
it's practically february 24th
tomorrow it will be.

but really. time goes by. so quickly.
and the weather has been not quite ideal,
but pretty darn close.

thatcher comes home in 90 days,
7 hours, 54 minutes and 20 seconds.
(adjust the seconds accordingly).

we have both decided to stay
for spring semester here in provo.
won't that be a treat?
if it's not, we'll make lots of treats
to make up for it.
just like we always do.

we said goodbye to another
missionary last night.
drew tekulve.
remember when we said we were
done saying goodbye to missionaries?
yeah. we lied, apparently.
what a joke.
but yeah.
he's going to rrrussia.
but not for 12 weeks because he
has to learn to speak russian first.

anyway. we're done rambling now.
only for the time being though.

peace, love, happiness etc.

---taylor & taylor.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

look at this blogpost.

right now ally m. and taylor b.
are working on a group research design project
for their political inquiry class.
that sounds really intelligent, right?

anyway, they were looking for a
synonym for "attached."
taylor b. cleverly decided to
use the thesaurus feature (conveniently accessible
through her word processing program on her fancy
apple computer), and this is what she found:

does it know we're at BYU?
it must.
macbooks are so smart.
smarter than humans.

also, last night taylor o. had a minor/major
ooc moment.
and taylor b. always has a camera on hand
to document those moments.
we've been ooc for the past couple weeks.
good times.

anyway. enjoy your long weekend.
for the record,
we probably will enjoy ours too.

---taylor & taylor.

Monday, February 7, 2011

a trail of bread crumbs.


we both celebrated in different ways.
the olsons watched the puppy bowl. obv.
the berhows watched the superbowl. obv.
(it was the best day of their lives. if you
didn't know, they are MASSIVE packers fans.)


in other news,
we've both been ooc the past few days.
actually, the past few weeks.

and, andy moved in.
(did we tell you that already?)
only from 8am-12am, though.
honor code, obv.

that's about it...
have a great week, y'all.

---taylor & taylor.

without looking at previous posts,
we're gonna guess that we have already told
you about how andy is our new roommate.
oh well. never hurts to read something twice.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

txting & driving ... it can wait.

hello, all.
it's been a pretty great past
couple of weeks.
we're just swingin' with
the sway of the semester.

the packers play in t-minus 5 days.
just sayin'.

over the past couple weeks
we've made some new friends,
and some old ones. whatever that means.
oh, and dylan lorimer is on a plane
to south africa right now.
what the?
pretty freakin' sweet.

oh, and andy moved in.
i mean, with the honor code and all that,
he has to be out by 12.
so he showers and sleeps at his own
apartment, and then kicks it
here the rest of the time.
but he doesn't actually kick anything,
because we'd kick him right out if he did.

speaking of andy,
here is a quick conversation
between taylor b. and andy,
for the blog's sake:

am: what are you doing tonight?
tb: um. nothing. i dunno. why?
am: just wondering. so we can hang out later?
obv. band practice isn't fun today. what a bust
what is wrong with earth?
tb: planet earth?
am: everyone on it. and the planet.

---taylor & taylor.

-20 degrees at sundance?