Wednesday, September 29, 2010

james cook was a captain.

remember before how we said
that there aren't specific traits
that define someone as a winna?
we lied.
there totally are.

ahhh, life.
it's great.

---taylor & taylor.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

the rice king.

our lives are full of fake.

fake boyfriends,
fake roommates,
fake meat,
fake exercise,
fake relatives,
fake sports fans,
fake, fake, fake.

but who ever said that
fake isn't the best way to go?
to us, it's the only way to go.
artificial or bust.
but not artificial bust.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

it must have been just a dream.

hello, hello, hello.
lately, we've been addicted to the word


this person is a winna.
did you see that winna over there?
they are definitely a winna.
you get it.

a "winna" is entirely different from a "winner,"
so it is important not to get them mixed up.
as we've been walking a lot lately,
(boy do we love to walk--especially lately)
we've devised a system of classification
for the usage of the word "winna."

1. winna. n. (the original usage): a fake "bro"; a "g."; a young white boy
(usually in high school but not always),
defined by (but not limited to)
the following characteristics:
- a flat-billed baseball cap,
- white nike socks pulled up to mid-calf,
- (worn with):
black and/or white keds, vans or toms.
- usually, but not always, an "athlete"
of the football, baseball or basketball variety.
- fake bling.
- fake (of the magnetic sort) or real diamond studs.

2. winna. n. (our adopted usage): someone who displays
winning qualities of various sorts; someone
who immediately catches our eye as a winna;
there aren't any specific traits that
define someone as a winna, we just have
a special talent for picking them out.

3. a winna of sorts. n. : potential to be a winna;
cannot be instantly categorized as a winna.
winnas of sorts are the sometimes the best kind of winnas.

4. a real winna. n. : someone who is
genuinely a winning person; usually someone
is categorized as a real winna after extensive
observation, but there are cases in which
they may be instantly categorized; ie:
walking home from school the other day,
we noticed a boy riding a pretty rad
bike with an old boombox duct-taped to the back of it;
he was riding aimlessly along the streets blasting the
radio for all to hear. the fact that "teenage dream"
was playing was just icing on the cake. he is in
fact "a real winna."

"winna" as a general term
is usually supplemented with other
words and phrases such as
"champion of ages,"
or the recently adopted,
"giant of the land."

if you were ever confused
as to what a winna was,
our hopes are that your confusion
has been cleared right up.

also, we went to bed at 9:30 last friday.
don't be hatin'.

---taylor & taylor.

p.s. congrats to lezlie.
she has a real apartment now.
and real roommates.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

the bent spoon.

it's us, taylor squared.
we're in college working part time,
have bills to pay,
we share drawers,
have nothing figured out,
and we aren't making our parents' mistakes.
all that jazz.

as promised, we had our
fun-filled southern weekend.
and boy was it fun-filled.

in st. george there was a rodeo,
a triathlon and dixie high school's homecoming.
we didn't go to any of it, though.
maybe that's because of our
anti-social roots,
or maybe it's not.
you never really can tell.

the point, and the moral of this
story, is that we jumped off a 35ft cliff.
impressed? well, you shouldn't be.
it is to be expected.
and guess who spent a whole weekend
without going on facebook?
not us.
that would have been rad, though.
too bad, so sad.
but not really.

(pictures to follow).

"allowed. not allowed."

we love that---taylor & taylor.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

all out of love.

we have a treat for you tonight.
but first, some news:

1. the worst of this week is over.
taylor b. got a 98 on her essay.
taylor o. is perfectly caught up on her hw,
and got permission to miss classes on friday.

2. we're takin' a little road trip down south.
it'll most likely be a blast,
but things could go either way.

3. we're having a sleepover with leslie
on thursday night.
and friday.
and saturday.

4. finally, we ran tonight.
success for one of us.
pain and failure for the other.
guess who?
it's like a game,
except you don't get to learn the answer.
those are the worst kinds of games.
am i right, am i right?

okay, okay,
enough chit-chat.
time for the treat.
we must warn you, however,
that anyone who is anyone has already seen this,
because it was on taylor o.'s facebook wall.
but for you nobodies out there,
here you go:

well you know what they say,
lint is a shell's best friend.

philip is grand.

---taylor & taylor.

Monday, September 13, 2010

t-baby, t-daddy.

this has got to be quick,
because we've got loadsies of hw to do.
but we just had to get that video
moved down on the page.
you understand.

we're embarking on our 3rd week
as sophomores here at BYU.
it's crazy, right?
not really.
it's just about normal.

there are a few things we'd
like to touch base on, however.

the first is: dinner.

dinner has always had a special
place on our blog, and in our stomachs.
we've taken special care this year,
so that it continues to be on the top
of our "to do" lists.
whatever that means.

the next is: coincidences.

there aren't any.
unless there are.
we're still figuring this one out.

3rd: running.

we can't do it.
nevermind all the money
we've wasted on races that we won't be running,
or on trying to find alternate forms of exercise,
or on just plain old
nevermind all doz funds.
it just plain stinks.
so all you runners out there,
run from the heart. from the soul.
do it for us.
soul runnas.

4th-ly: facebook

"facebook stalking is really just so fun."
"but it's way more fun when you have homework
to do. if you're doing it doing free time,
it's just...boring."

"facebook is like a refrigerator.
you get bored and keep checking,
but nothing ever changes."

"online. now."

number five: dessert.

much like dinner,
dessert is what one might call one of our,
"enduring qualities."
we're fine with that.
more than fine, actually.
not to mention the cookie cookbook
signing that taylor b. attended on saturday night.

maybe you were wondering,
maybe you weren't,
but this little celebration did include sample
cookies from this book,
just as all celebrations should.
we own this book now.
signed and everything.
that's over 3 months of daily celebrations.

last, and definitely least:

we like asian food, a lot,
hugh jackman is a problem and,
time for fall.
that is all.

---taylor & taylor.

Friday, September 10, 2010

philip comes to town.

this is embarrassing.
but we're all about that type of thing.

---taylor & taylor.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

the fruit pizza of the century.

happy birthday,
taylor o.

i can't believe i'm lucky
enough to call you my own.

love, me.
(taylor b.)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

a noteworthy moment.

the first-week-of-school high is over.

"can i use this half of a brush?"

we love that---taylor & taylor.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

nose-blowing factory.

here's a picture-play-by-play of the weekend.
actually, just saturday.
we didn't take pictures on friday.

first, the BYU game.
the game was pretty fun,
except for the first half.
so. hot.
"sweaty beasts," would be a good way to
describe how we felt.
we won, though, which was pretty cool.

secondly, taylor found out
while at the game that she made it
into the BYU womens' acapella group, "noteworthy."
you know, the group that was on
the tv show "sing off" last year?
when she got the call,
taylor b. was ready with the camera
and snapped this cameo shot:

we think it's prof pic worthy.

next, we went to a fun dessert party to celebrate
hayley heath's 20th birthday.
wowza! she ain't a teenager no more,
and will probs be engaged soon.
that was pretty fun,
and it was a mess. in a good way, naturally.
hayley is 2 years older than taylor o. right now.
hence the "2" fingers being held up in this photo:

finally, as we walked into hayley's apartment complex,
we saw this lovely couple cuddling on the couch
while surfing the internet.
when we left 2 hours later,
they hadn't moved even a muscle.
now THAT'S dedication.
they must really love each other.

our first week of school went well,
and though we have a lot of homework,
we really like our classes and teachers.
this semester is bound to be a promising one.

one a final note,
yesterday was isaac's birthday,

and today is philip's birthday.

happy 19th, guys!
they're both leaving on their
missions in just a few weeks,
and we're bound to miss them tonz.

well, that's about it for now.

"release the skirts." ---taylor b.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

back to gulag.

well, this post is clearly long overdue.

school has started!

remember this?
first day of school last year,
sooo cute and sooo excited and sooo adorable.
we have like the same name and everything.

this was us on monday:

last year:


last year:


last year:

it's kind of like those games
on the back of cereal boxes.
"find the 5 differences between the pictures."
shorter and longer hair,
practically all grown up,
and significantly less enthusiastic.
same door in the background, though.

oops. that's only three.
oh well.

our first week has gone just about
how we thought it would go.

buuuut, back-tracking even further,
our last weekend of summer,
we met up with some coolio friends,
swam, hiked, slept, and ate out every night.
it was like our end-of-summer celebration.

of course, you already know how we like to celebrate,
and how we find every excuse to do so,
so monday night we decided to eat out again.
we are certainly living on the edge.
we're just that type.

so this week we've had some shocking experiences,
and some pretty average ones too.
we're hoping things will just slowly level out
into a significantly less exciting,
and more monotonous schedule.

well, hw time.

oh, and john mayer was at the apple store.
just sayin'.

---taylor & taylor.