Monday, September 13, 2010

t-baby, t-daddy.

this has got to be quick,
because we've got loadsies of hw to do.
but we just had to get that video
moved down on the page.
you understand.

we're embarking on our 3rd week
as sophomores here at BYU.
it's crazy, right?
not really.
it's just about normal.

there are a few things we'd
like to touch base on, however.

the first is: dinner.

dinner has always had a special
place on our blog, and in our stomachs.
we've taken special care this year,
so that it continues to be on the top
of our "to do" lists.
whatever that means.

the next is: coincidences.

there aren't any.
unless there are.
we're still figuring this one out.

3rd: running.

we can't do it.
nevermind all the money
we've wasted on races that we won't be running,
or on trying to find alternate forms of exercise,
or on just plain old
nevermind all doz funds.
it just plain stinks.
so all you runners out there,
run from the heart. from the soul.
do it for us.
soul runnas.

4th-ly: facebook

"facebook stalking is really just so fun."
"but it's way more fun when you have homework
to do. if you're doing it doing free time,
it's just...boring."

"facebook is like a refrigerator.
you get bored and keep checking,
but nothing ever changes."

"online. now."

number five: dessert.

much like dinner,
dessert is what one might call one of our,
"enduring qualities."
we're fine with that.
more than fine, actually.
not to mention the cookie cookbook
signing that taylor b. attended on saturday night.

maybe you were wondering,
maybe you weren't,
but this little celebration did include sample
cookies from this book,
just as all celebrations should.
we own this book now.
signed and everything.
that's over 3 months of daily celebrations.

last, and definitely least:

we like asian food, a lot,
hugh jackman is a problem and,
time for fall.
that is all.

---taylor & taylor.

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