Sunday, September 26, 2010

it must have been just a dream.

hello, hello, hello.
lately, we've been addicted to the word


this person is a winna.
did you see that winna over there?
they are definitely a winna.
you get it.

a "winna" is entirely different from a "winner,"
so it is important not to get them mixed up.
as we've been walking a lot lately,
(boy do we love to walk--especially lately)
we've devised a system of classification
for the usage of the word "winna."

1. winna. n. (the original usage): a fake "bro"; a "g."; a young white boy
(usually in high school but not always),
defined by (but not limited to)
the following characteristics:
- a flat-billed baseball cap,
- white nike socks pulled up to mid-calf,
- (worn with):
black and/or white keds, vans or toms.
- usually, but not always, an "athlete"
of the football, baseball or basketball variety.
- fake bling.
- fake (of the magnetic sort) or real diamond studs.

2. winna. n. (our adopted usage): someone who displays
winning qualities of various sorts; someone
who immediately catches our eye as a winna;
there aren't any specific traits that
define someone as a winna, we just have
a special talent for picking them out.

3. a winna of sorts. n. : potential to be a winna;
cannot be instantly categorized as a winna.
winnas of sorts are the sometimes the best kind of winnas.

4. a real winna. n. : someone who is
genuinely a winning person; usually someone
is categorized as a real winna after extensive
observation, but there are cases in which
they may be instantly categorized; ie:
walking home from school the other day,
we noticed a boy riding a pretty rad
bike with an old boombox duct-taped to the back of it;
he was riding aimlessly along the streets blasting the
radio for all to hear. the fact that "teenage dream"
was playing was just icing on the cake. he is in
fact "a real winna."

"winna" as a general term
is usually supplemented with other
words and phrases such as
"champion of ages,"
or the recently adopted,
"giant of the land."

if you were ever confused
as to what a winna was,
our hopes are that your confusion
has been cleared right up.

also, we went to bed at 9:30 last friday.
don't be hatin'.

---taylor & taylor.

p.s. congrats to lezlie.
she has a real apartment now.
and real roommates.


  1. oh, hi. i'm not sure if i interpreted those definitions correctly. but if i had to guess, i'd say that taylor b. and taylor o. are real winnas. -natterz

  2. I'm officially in love with this post. I agree with Natalie.. you two are definitely winnas.