Sunday, September 5, 2010

nose-blowing factory.

here's a picture-play-by-play of the weekend.
actually, just saturday.
we didn't take pictures on friday.

first, the BYU game.
the game was pretty fun,
except for the first half.
so. hot.
"sweaty beasts," would be a good way to
describe how we felt.
we won, though, which was pretty cool.

secondly, taylor found out
while at the game that she made it
into the BYU womens' acapella group, "noteworthy."
you know, the group that was on
the tv show "sing off" last year?
when she got the call,
taylor b. was ready with the camera
and snapped this cameo shot:

we think it's prof pic worthy.

next, we went to a fun dessert party to celebrate
hayley heath's 20th birthday.
wowza! she ain't a teenager no more,
and will probs be engaged soon.
that was pretty fun,
and it was a mess. in a good way, naturally.
hayley is 2 years older than taylor o. right now.
hence the "2" fingers being held up in this photo:

finally, as we walked into hayley's apartment complex,
we saw this lovely couple cuddling on the couch
while surfing the internet.
when we left 2 hours later,
they hadn't moved even a muscle.
now THAT'S dedication.
they must really love each other.

our first week of school went well,
and though we have a lot of homework,
we really like our classes and teachers.
this semester is bound to be a promising one.

one a final note,
yesterday was isaac's birthday,

and today is philip's birthday.

happy 19th, guys!
they're both leaving on their
missions in just a few weeks,
and we're bound to miss them tonz.

well, that's about it for now.

"release the skirts." ---taylor b.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

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