Wednesday, September 15, 2010

all out of love.

we have a treat for you tonight.
but first, some news:

1. the worst of this week is over.
taylor b. got a 98 on her essay.
taylor o. is perfectly caught up on her hw,
and got permission to miss classes on friday.

2. we're takin' a little road trip down south.
it'll most likely be a blast,
but things could go either way.

3. we're having a sleepover with leslie
on thursday night.
and friday.
and saturday.

4. finally, we ran tonight.
success for one of us.
pain and failure for the other.
guess who?
it's like a game,
except you don't get to learn the answer.
those are the worst kinds of games.
am i right, am i right?

okay, okay,
enough chit-chat.
time for the treat.
we must warn you, however,
that anyone who is anyone has already seen this,
because it was on taylor o.'s facebook wall.
but for you nobodies out there,
here you go:

well you know what they say,
lint is a shell's best friend.

philip is grand.

---taylor & taylor.

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