Tuesday, February 28, 2012

como dunno.

alright, fine.
so it's been a while. 
but we're picking the perfect time to catch you up:
right during midterms.

sum quik pix:

us eating at a really good mexican restaurant: 

 taylor b. is the greatest skyline basketball fan of all time:

us with sum friends:

us welcoming elder taylor back to the USA:

taylor b. and ally m. having fun at ben's homecoming bash:

so, you see. we still have fun even when 
we don't blog about it.

other highlights include, but are not limited to:
taylor b. got a smart phone.
taylor o. still has a smart phone.
taylor b. is running again.
taylor o. has a real band.
our DVD player is broken.
good thing we have three fancy computers
in our apartment that all play DVDs.
what would we do without dem comps?

stay tuned for scene from our next episode.