Sunday, April 20, 2014

a little bit of monica in my life.

occasionally, we update this thing.
but the thing is, our lives are truly not that exciting.
sure taylor o. started a new music duo called JUNE CAT
that you should probably check out.
and sure taylor b. works a lot and camps
every weekend.

but what else is new?
i guess we've just been playing 2048 a lot,
and seeing each other occasionally,
which is cool since we live in different parts
of the country.
but you win some, you lose some.
more specifically, you win 2048,
and you don't lose 2048.

Monday, January 13, 2014

a new ending or something.


it's us, taylor and taylor.
looks like we haven't blogged in months.
sorry about that. i guess.
our blogging hiatus is mainly due
to our increasingly busy lives.
now that we're graduated, we both
have full time jobs and lots of
important responsibilities.
and we make lots of money.

but despite living on opposite sides
of the country for the past several months,
we have been able to stay friends,
which is something we're thrilled about.
we even got to see each other over christmas:

we dressed up in these dresses so
we could perform on-the-spot christmas
classics for ourselves:

then taylor o. went back to california
for the ROSE PARADE!!!!!!

taylor b. went to the south
not the deep south, but utah south:

and then we met in vegas real quick for the 
and we saw smart house in real life:

and robot nerds with these pants:

but what happens in vegas, stays in vegas.

and also, taylor b. turned 23!

then we drove to CA for some fun in the sun.
we spent a lot of time on that cool app
you kids call "spotify." 
but we don't think it
works very well.
but be your own judge. 

 10 points if you can fit this pancake in your STOMACH!
50 points if you eat this pancake that's bigger than YOUR HEAD!

should we move here? k.

 we met up with veronica after we spent an hour
in the LAX arrivals lane.
taylor o. had to pretend to pick taylor b.
up from the airport 9 times.
turns out loading luggage in the small trunk
of a VW bug is hard work.
good thing we rewarded ourselves with 3 dessert stops.

finally, taylor b. appreciated children
for the second time in her life
when she hung out with her niece and nephew.

what a fun christmas break!
oh. looks like we have no school and no jobs,
so christmas break isn't over.
so fun for us. 
happy birthday, to someone out there.