Monday, November 30, 2009

aqua poppy.

well, if you haven't already guessed,
we're really excited for christmas.
thanksgiving break put us into
a full holiday swing.

speaking of thanksgiving,
join us for some highlights, won't you?

taylor o. hopped on a plane,
and flew right to new york city.
can you say jude law in hamlet?
yesss. we can, at least.
also, taylor o. almost didn't have a thanksgiving dinner.
but then she did. close call.

taylor b. enjoyed a relaxing
week in a different kind of city.
salt lake city, of course.
she caught up with some old pals,
reminisced with some fictional characters,
and filled out a police report for her car,
which was backed into
during thanksgiving dinner.

whoever said hit-and-runs
don't add excitement to your life,
was highly mistaken.
actually, we don't think
anyone has ever said that before.

anyway, back to our holiday swing.
this evening we started things off
with our favorite ladies:
mariah, whitney, and céline.

you can find these and
our other christmas favorites
on our new christmas mixed tape.
we come to our own blog to listen
to our own music now.
well, we always did that.

one last thing:
without planning it, we both dressed in our
"home for the holidays" ensemble today.
so, naturally we had veronica snap a photo.
luckily we had a freshly decorated
gingerbread man and a mug nearby.

'tis the season to be jolly,
it's the most wonderful time of the year!

"i used to have silm fasts for breakfast in elementary school." ---taylor b.
"your stomach was a third of the size then." ---taylor o.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

Monday, November 23, 2009

just the best kissing stories.

have you seen new moon yet?
are you an edward fan or a jacob fan?
we used to be stalwart edward fans.
all we can say is that,
our loyalties were tested. seriously.

before the movie:
clear boundaries.

after the movie:
middle ground (except for shalaya, of course).

so, if you haven't seen it yet,
give us a call, won't you?
we'd love to see it again with you.
but seriously, we would.

thanks to shalaya, leslie and derek
for an awesome movie night.
oh, and robert and taylor.
also, we have the same name
as him. did you notice?

we basically share names
with everyone that we love.
and that's not a coincidence,
ask anyone.

"our loyalties were tested." ---us.
"mine were chested too." ---jenny's & avery's roommate.
"hahahahaha." ---everyone.
"yeah, who wasn't chested?" ---taylor b.

we love that---tayor & taylor.

p.s. we'd like to welcome
jenny mckay to the blogging world.

p.p.s. did you know that taylor lautner
and taylor swift are dating?
i mean, if we can't date him,
she is the next best thing.
golden star for t-swift, right there.

p.p.p.s. happy birthday christian!
hope you got our message (wink, wink).

Friday, November 20, 2009

dexter's gassy adventure.

some highlights from yesterday.
(no, not the skyline choir, silly).

as much as we have tried to avoid the
stereotypical freshman experience,
we now realize that there are some things we just can't avoid.

yesterday taylor b. came across "breakin' free"
from the world renown movie, high school musical.
obviously, after hearing that song,
the only course of action was to make an interpretive dance
and then film it using photo booth on taylor b.'s mac.

after several takes, we gave up.
but not really.
we just decided that high school musical was a bit too juvenile.
after all, it is a musical about high school.
so we just moved on to a more mature song choice.
it was our very own song.
really though. it was our song.

we have found that we have a deeper
connection with all of taylor's songs,
because, well, our names are taylor.
ha ha, get it?
we do. and it gets better every time.

"so," we said, "our song it is."
and it continued to be.
over and over and over again. about fifty times.
but not really. ha ha, gotcha.
this was pretty fun, for a couple hours,
until our fun was abruptly interrupted
by a knock on the door.

naturally, we thought it was brandon,
but to our surprise, it was our engaged
neighbor from the apartment below
whom we have never spoken with.
but we do know she is engaged.

she simply asked us to either turn the music down,
our at least change the song,
as she and her roommates were trying to study.
blah, blah, blah.
but seriously? she wanted us to
stop playing our song?
(ha ha ha, get it?)

so to make a pretty short story even shorter,
we turned it right off.
but not really, because that old familiar tune
is still playin' in our heads.

"he's got a one-hand feel
on the steering wheel,
the other on my heart."

we wish we could give you some
video evidence, but the thing is,
we never really got a good take.
but we did have a little photo booth fun.
just another one of those freshman thrills
that you can't avoid.

this was just as fun as it looks.
but probably not quite as fun.

blahh, taylor o. is getting blown awayyyyy.

in other news. we've got some pla-a-aanss tonight,
and only one day of class next week.
yee hah.

"i see you've branched away from the usual pants. i haven't." ---taylor o.

as usual, we love that---taylor & taylor.

post script: christian jacob frandsen
has given us some sound advice
over the past few days.
we can't wait to share another
cannon center adventure with him.

also, when we refer to the cannon center
as an "adventure," that's exactly what we mean.
why else would we call it that?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

wednesday the 13th.

if you haven't already heard:
benjamin ross taylor has been called to serve as a missionary in the


we are so excited for him, and couldn't be more proud to call him our own.
(wink, wink).
we love you elder taylor!!

"ben is going to tokyo!" ---(text from isaac hales to stewart griffin).
"what? why?" ---(stewart's reply).

"ben, why are you going to tokyo?" ---(stewart's text to ben).

we love that---taylor & taylor.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

four servings of cereal.

some classy moments involving our latest life topic.

"i can just picture it now. you, him. winding blowing through your hair." ---tb.
"you can't say things like that. i am not able to move." ---to.

"uh." ---tb.
"can't eat? i know the feeling." ---to.

"you've turned me into something i'm not." ---tb.
"it's contagious. it's turned me into something i'm not." ---to.
"trust me. we have all noticed." ---tb.

good thing we had our girl ally over last night for some moral support.
and of course ben was there too. just because he's at utah state, doesn't mean he can't be there for the most pivotal moments in our lives.

speaking of pivotal moments,
tonight ben will open his mission call.
we are so nervous. but can't wait.
we'll let you know what happens.

"just do it." ---ally.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

p.s. we want the combe family to know they're in our thoughts and prayers.
we love you guys. know that we're thinking about you.

Monday, November 16, 2009

synonyms to friend.

we're real sorry,
we know we've already blogged once today,
but something happened after our last blog post.
something we can't wait to share with you.

it's called omelette night.
it is most definitely the best thing about provo.
quite possibly the best thing that has ever happened to us.
(we realize we probably say this a lot, but we're serious this time).

once a month, the café at utah valley hospital offers incredible, HUGE, omelettes for $3.
they have chefs making them for you, and you can put whatever you want inside.
not just cheese or ham, but everything:
hash browns
peppers (green & red)

the chefs were pretty hospitable too.
when taylor b. tried to snap a picture, he chased her down with some pam.
but that didn't matter at all.

you can bet we're on their mailing list now.
we're not ever missing omelette night again. ever.

also, a shout out to sharon sheffield, taylor b.'s aunt.
she shared the secret of omelette night with us before any one else, months ago.
now we know why.

"do you like my coat? it has a built-in thermostat. and a phone charger. i would show you right now but i don't have the batteries for it yet." ---tyler young.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

small neutral one.

we both have class at 9:00 am.
taylor b. has a break from 9:50 am to 10:50 am.
taylor o. has french at 10:00-10:50 am.
so taylor b. studies and waits for taylor o. to be done with class.
then, when the class hour ends, we both walk to environmental biology together.

today, as we were walking to enviro biro, we saw a boy jump on his bike and start peddling.
then we saw a man in a blue, police uniform dash after him and literally yank him off his bike.

"don't you ride away from me!!!"

it was the most shocking thing that has happened to us here in provo.
the look on the boy's face was so incredibly priceless.
the cop proceeded to walk him over to his own bike, pull out a note pad, and write him a ticket.

moral of the story?
don't let the bike police see you riding your bike on campus.

also, can we just say, best enviro biro review session EVER?!
yes, it's our blog. we can say whatever we want.

here is another funny thing: facebook stalking.
we've learned that it is an accquired skill.
we've also learned that we've accquired it.

and we're taking it to a whole new level.

the chase = awesome.

"what's so funny?" ---emily putnam.
"i lost it at mutant babies." ---taylor o.
"all i want is to go on another boat ride with richard." ---taylor b.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

star academy.

good news:
taylor o. took first place at the french idol this evening.
was it worth it? $$$$$
you bet it was.

bad news:
remember taylor b.'s early christmas?
yeah, it is no longer.
if we can't sell enough tickets in UTAH to see bill o'reilly, then where?
sign of the times? yes.

also, has everyone been enjoying the weather?
good, because we're supposed to get snow on saturday.
good luck to our friends living in the frozen tundra, aka, logan.
we're expecting pictures.

also, these girls are just too classy.
we've spent many-a-hour watching their covers.
we feel like they should be shared.

"it feels like there are 90 baby sharks attacking each other in my womb." --- natalie elaine allen.
we love that---taylor & taylor.

also, 7 days, 22 hours, & 37 minutes.
"gotta have something to look forward to." ---taylor o.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

i'm hurryin' home.

"my mom replaced our energy-hogging bulbs with other ones." ---taylor o.
"where?" ---taylor b.
"in the living room." ---taylor o.
"the one with the fireplace?" ---taylor b.
"which fireplace?" ---taylor o.
"the one upstairs." ---taylor b.
"which fireplace?" ---taylor o.
"the one not in your parents room." ---taylor b.
"which fireplace?" ---taylor o.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

Monday, November 9, 2009

when a mood goes from boom to boom.

the blog has shifted to the back burner.
but what do you expect?
we had some good pasta cookin' on the front one.

here's the entertainment factor for our blog today:
(beyond the usual entertainment of course)

animation vs. animator

also, we'd like to give a shout out to our friend norman d. jessee.
son of norman c. jessee.
hopefully he will name his son, norman e. jessee.

anyway, he is an awesome kid, and we're so glad to call him our own.
(take that how you think it should be taken).
he is literally one of the most fantastic people we have ever met.
if you haven't had the privilege of getting to know him,
then it's probably too late.
(take that how you think it should be taken).

"do you like musicals? does your husband like musicals?" ---boy.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the most delicious song.

we don't have a lot to report about halloween.
except for this:

if you're wondering what is going on,

on another note.
neither of us have class on friday next semester.
can you say awesome?
we can.
can you say three-day weekends every weekend?
we can.

we played a little trick on everyone today.
we switched phones.
so if you thought you were texting one of us,
you were texting the other.
it was really fun.
and it added a whole new thrill to texting each other.

we really like pancake mix. dry. how else?

ok, ok. we didn't switch phones for long.
don't worry.

christmas for taylor b. is coming sooner than she thought.
november 14th to be exact.

taylor swift on rock band?

avery just walked in.
what a treat.

"do you like band of horses?" ---taylor b.
"i like band of skulls." --- brandon.

uhhhh?---taylor & taylor.

p.s. just click it.
you'll never be the same.