Wednesday, November 11, 2009

star academy.

good news:
taylor o. took first place at the french idol this evening.
was it worth it? $$$$$
you bet it was.

bad news:
remember taylor b.'s early christmas?
yeah, it is no longer.
if we can't sell enough tickets in UTAH to see bill o'reilly, then where?
sign of the times? yes.

also, has everyone been enjoying the weather?
good, because we're supposed to get snow on saturday.
good luck to our friends living in the frozen tundra, aka, logan.
we're expecting pictures.

also, these girls are just too classy.
we've spent many-a-hour watching their covers.
we feel like they should be shared.

"it feels like there are 90 baby sharks attacking each other in my womb." --- natalie elaine allen.
we love that---taylor & taylor.

also, 7 days, 22 hours, & 37 minutes.
"gotta have something to look forward to." ---taylor o.

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