Friday, November 20, 2009

dexter's gassy adventure.

some highlights from yesterday.
(no, not the skyline choir, silly).

as much as we have tried to avoid the
stereotypical freshman experience,
we now realize that there are some things we just can't avoid.

yesterday taylor b. came across "breakin' free"
from the world renown movie, high school musical.
obviously, after hearing that song,
the only course of action was to make an interpretive dance
and then film it using photo booth on taylor b.'s mac.

after several takes, we gave up.
but not really.
we just decided that high school musical was a bit too juvenile.
after all, it is a musical about high school.
so we just moved on to a more mature song choice.
it was our very own song.
really though. it was our song.

we have found that we have a deeper
connection with all of taylor's songs,
because, well, our names are taylor.
ha ha, get it?
we do. and it gets better every time.

"so," we said, "our song it is."
and it continued to be.
over and over and over again. about fifty times.
but not really. ha ha, gotcha.
this was pretty fun, for a couple hours,
until our fun was abruptly interrupted
by a knock on the door.

naturally, we thought it was brandon,
but to our surprise, it was our engaged
neighbor from the apartment below
whom we have never spoken with.
but we do know she is engaged.

she simply asked us to either turn the music down,
our at least change the song,
as she and her roommates were trying to study.
blah, blah, blah.
but seriously? she wanted us to
stop playing our song?
(ha ha ha, get it?)

so to make a pretty short story even shorter,
we turned it right off.
but not really, because that old familiar tune
is still playin' in our heads.

"he's got a one-hand feel
on the steering wheel,
the other on my heart."

we wish we could give you some
video evidence, but the thing is,
we never really got a good take.
but we did have a little photo booth fun.
just another one of those freshman thrills
that you can't avoid.

this was just as fun as it looks.
but probably not quite as fun.

blahh, taylor o. is getting blown awayyyyy.

in other news. we've got some pla-a-aanss tonight,
and only one day of class next week.
yee hah.

"i see you've branched away from the usual pants. i haven't." ---taylor o.

as usual, we love that---taylor & taylor.

post script: christian jacob frandsen
has given us some sound advice
over the past few days.
we can't wait to share another
cannon center adventure with him.

also, when we refer to the cannon center
as an "adventure," that's exactly what we mean.
why else would we call it that?


  1. Dear Taylors. Just a reminder that my birthday is on Sunday. Do I get a special birthday post like some of your other friends?

  2. I haven't come over for a whole month. Right...