Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the most delicious song.

we don't have a lot to report about halloween.
except for this:

if you're wondering what is going on,

on another note.
neither of us have class on friday next semester.
can you say awesome?
we can.
can you say three-day weekends every weekend?
we can.

we played a little trick on everyone today.
we switched phones.
so if you thought you were texting one of us,
you were texting the other.
it was really fun.
and it added a whole new thrill to texting each other.

we really like pancake mix. dry. how else?

ok, ok. we didn't switch phones for long.
don't worry.

christmas for taylor b. is coming sooner than she thought.
november 14th to be exact.

taylor swift on rock band?

avery just walked in.
what a treat.

"do you like band of horses?" ---taylor b.
"i like band of skulls." --- brandon.

uhhhh?---taylor & taylor.

p.s. just click it.
you'll never be the same.

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