Sunday, June 19, 2011

a mid-life crisis.

we broke into the 40s.
what are the 40s?
40 followers, that is.
thanks to hnewton009 for being that
lucky # four-zero.

we never thought we'd be the type of bloggers
that really cared about "followers."
or the type of bloggers that cared about
blogging, for that matter.
but i guess a tiger can change its stripes.
and since it is our blog,
we feel justified in caring about who reads it.
so, judge us all you want,
but after you're done judging,
"follow" us, won't you?

true to your heart.

happy father's day.
also, is this backwards?

"okay" is usually on the left, right? (ha, pun).
no, but seriously. is this some slight,
but distinct and important,
difference between macs and PCs
that we've just never noticed?
call us crazy, but it would seem we've been
compoogled: like, a mix of "computer" and "fooled"
and..."google" ?
whatever. it sounded better off paper.
or, off the computer screen.
now we're just rambling.

Friday, June 17, 2011

enriqué is here.

what is a blog for if not to promote
your own agenda(s)?
well, nothing, we say.
that's exactly what a blog is for.

so here we are, promoting something legit.
and it just happens to be our own agenda too.
a legit agenda, one might say.

and expect further promotion in the future.
that word just has a great ring to it.
really rolls of the tongue.

this is gonna be a good life.

when you were young.
actually, when we were young.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

sooner or later.

here's the thing.

we leave for jerusalem in 78 days.

thatcher has been home for almost 3 weeks.

the last day of classes is tomorrow.

taylor b. got sunburned real bad.

taylor o. played a ROCKIN' show on saturday
(videos tbp).

we like provo.

life is good.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Thursday, June 2, 2011

plagiarism is the best form of flattery.

at this point, we're used to the
frequently schizophrenic weather that
utah has to offer us.
and then, there's this:

a nice young lad who walked in late to taylor b.'s
philosophy class was wearing this gem.
walking in late + this = memorable.
aka, taylor b. will never forget his face.
20 years from now when she is
living in a small mountain hut in nepal
and he comes to photograph the himalayas,
she will remember him from history of modern
philosophy, brigham young university, spring 2011.

a significant percentage of our friends and family
are in california this weekend.
and we're here in provo.
but it just feels right, you know?
yep. you do.

for now, we're just going to get some frozen yogurt
and maybe watch a little fresh prince.

it's been funny.