Saturday, September 29, 2012

falling into a cave.

according to the ideological origins 
of the american revolution,
homework sucks.

taylor o. is living it up, though.
cheers to new york, jay-z. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

taylor in real life.

life is real, and it's real good.
september has sure flown by,
so we thought we'd share some pictures
of us flying (aka us posing and smiling
at various locations doing various fun things):

taylor o.'s CD release concert:

taylor b.'s brother's farewell:

the most beautiful place at the most beautiful time:

speaking of fall, though,
we'd like to talk about how fall 
always makes us feel very nostalgic.
and as it turns out,
we very separately, without even talking about it,
 have been missing this place:

who knew we both consider our 3 days 
in vienna in some of our most favorite memories?
here's what we did there:
slept, ate, walked around.
and didn't spend a penny.
impressed? don't be.
it is to be expected.

so, enjoy fall.
and enjoy this song,
courtesy of our nostalgia, longing for love,
and, of course, linda. 

also, feel free to replace the lyrics
of the chorus with these,
as we feel they more accurately represent
our experience there:

"cause in vienna, we were eating!
yes, in vienna, food was life.
watching you watching me,
eating all that our eyes could see.
it was the best time of our lives."