Tuesday, January 25, 2011

bold as love.

the computer battery is about to die,
which means it's the perfect time to
scrawl out a blog post.
life is lived better under pressure.
at least that's what we tell ourselves
every morning when we wake up.

a few interesting/great/cool things have happened.

1. dylan gave is farewell talk.
so great. really, dylan. awesome job.
his mom had the best post-farewell food of all-time.
that's not up for debate.

2. the packers won the NFC chamionship.
after this occurred, taylor b. and her brother
spent hours making rad signs
to hang in various locations.
and place mats.
anyway, they made a couple
"honk for The Pack" signs
and hung them in every single car.
basically, this will be the best superbowl ever.
that is also not up for debate.

3. the state of the union happened.
just barely, actually.

4. the snow at sundance...existed.
like, there was actual snow up there today.
go figure.

5. taylor o. has noteworthy practice.
what else isn't new?

that seems to be all for now.
we're over and out.

---taylor & taylor.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

chn have perfect grammar?

it's late.
but isn't it always?
late, that is.

whenever taylor b. is helping a
customer on a saturday, she rings them
up and says,
"have a great weekend!"
doesn't that seem a little wrong to you, though?
i mean, it's sort of a lie.
the weekend is more than halfway over at that point.
she should say,
"hey, have a great latter-half of the weekend,"
but that doesn't roll off the
tongue quite as nicely, does it?
anyway. something to think about.

we watched "the social network" tonight.
just barely, actually.
less than an hour ago.
we know we're like fifty years behind,
but that doesn't really matter at all.
what an interesting story, though, yeah?
what a crazy, 25 billion dollar story.
something else to think about.

anyway, it's late.
i think we're going to hit the sack.
but not literally hit the sack.
or hit anything for that matter.
just go to bed.
get some shut-eye.
turn off our minds, bodies and spirits.
that sort of thing.
you understand.

goodnight, facebook.
(seemed appropriate because
of the movie we just watched).

---taylor & taylor.

p.s. we ate kettle corn tonight.
lots and lots of kettle corn.
and brownies.

also, we put up a shower curtain.
why are we telling you this?
no reason, really.
just something to think about.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

classes are classless.

another week is halfway over.
it's a wednesday night here in the dollhouse,
and what are we going to do?
probably not spend it in the dollhouse,
oddly enough.

that had nothing to do with anything, really.

anyway... biggest loser and parenthood
were great last night.
clearly, taylor o. isn't able to enjoy our 3hr t.v. night
because of noteworthy.
but it's the highlight taylor b.'s and veronica's week.
if anyone was able to catch BL,
do you not agree that the large, mustached twins
are rather frightening?
and how did they both +9 themselves?
one down, one to go.

tonight, taylor is playing one song
(emphasis on the "one,"
because we like to emphasize.)
clearly, veronica and taylor b. will be
attending, and following it up with
a dessert of some sort.
dessert TBD.

in other news,
sundance is currently one, large ice rink.
it may be icier than an ice rink,
so we're hoping that those wasatch hills
received some serious snowfall today.

that's about it.
good timez.

---taylor & taylor.

Friday, January 14, 2011

coats on a coat.

my, oh my.
it's been a while for us.
a pretty long stretch.
it's because not a whole lot has happened.
okay. some stuff has happened.

school started.
we've been starving for two weeks.
we've been freezing for two weeks.
we've been popular for two weeks. jk.

but yeah.
2011 has been good to us.
taylor b. is a ski bum now,
which is pretty cool.
she's always wondered how that would be.
taylor o. is a stuffing master.
all kinds of stuffing.
box stuffing, closet stuffing, stomach stuffing
and vegetable stuffing.
that stuff is crazy.

we're looking forward to next week.
we're going to start school again,
we're going to eat again,
and we're going to ski 'n stuff again.
we're not too sure about the
temperature issue, though.
we see no solution to that problem
in our near future.
go figure.
really, though.

so, yeah.
good timez here at the dollhouse.
pray for good weather.
and bad weather.
weather is an all-relative topic.
what's good weather to you,
might be bad weather to us.
thus, "pray for good weather"
covers it all.

k. see ya.
except not.


---taylor & taylor.