Wednesday, January 19, 2011

classes are classless.

another week is halfway over.
it's a wednesday night here in the dollhouse,
and what are we going to do?
probably not spend it in the dollhouse,
oddly enough.

that had nothing to do with anything, really.

anyway... biggest loser and parenthood
were great last night.
clearly, taylor o. isn't able to enjoy our 3hr t.v. night
because of noteworthy.
but it's the highlight taylor b.'s and veronica's week.
if anyone was able to catch BL,
do you not agree that the large, mustached twins
are rather frightening?
and how did they both +9 themselves?
one down, one to go.

tonight, taylor is playing one song
(emphasis on the "one,"
because we like to emphasize.)
clearly, veronica and taylor b. will be
attending, and following it up with
a dessert of some sort.
dessert TBD.

in other news,
sundance is currently one, large ice rink.
it may be icier than an ice rink,
so we're hoping that those wasatch hills
received some serious snowfall today.

that's about it.
good timez.

---taylor & taylor.

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