Friday, January 14, 2011

coats on a coat.

my, oh my.
it's been a while for us.
a pretty long stretch.
it's because not a whole lot has happened.
okay. some stuff has happened.

school started.
we've been starving for two weeks.
we've been freezing for two weeks.
we've been popular for two weeks. jk.

but yeah.
2011 has been good to us.
taylor b. is a ski bum now,
which is pretty cool.
she's always wondered how that would be.
taylor o. is a stuffing master.
all kinds of stuffing.
box stuffing, closet stuffing, stomach stuffing
and vegetable stuffing.
that stuff is crazy.

we're looking forward to next week.
we're going to start school again,
we're going to eat again,
and we're going to ski 'n stuff again.
we're not too sure about the
temperature issue, though.
we see no solution to that problem
in our near future.
go figure.
really, though.

so, yeah.
good timez here at the dollhouse.
pray for good weather.
and bad weather.
weather is an all-relative topic.
what's good weather to you,
might be bad weather to us.
thus, "pray for good weather"
covers it all.

k. see ya.
except not.


---taylor & taylor.

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