Friday, December 31, 2010

these are your friends.

last post of 2010.
time sure does fly.

here is a final twenty-ten update.


thatcher has been out for 588 days.
ben has been out for 354 days.
ben coburn has been out for 197.
stuart has been out for 191 days.
isaac has been our for 79 days.
philip has been out for 58 days.


taylor o. - two cats.
taylor b. - two dogs.

book highlights:

various nicholas sparks novels

notable accomplishments:

taylor o. made noteworthy & media music.
taylor b. was vegetarian for 3 months.


running shorts
cowboy bottoms

defining t.v. shows:


the biggest loser

favorite clothing articles:

grey wrap-around sweater

brown sperry top-siders

movies - past and present:

favorite moments:

pumpkin festival in ohio

cliff jumping at sand hollow



the wasatch running center

fall semester - the quickest yet

trips down south


the san rafael swell

bread pudding at kneader's

train concert

we're looking forward to:

this guy coming home:

happy new year.

---taylor squared.

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