Friday, July 27, 2012

something like olivia.

hello anyone and everyone.
who said it was july 27th already?
time doesn't mess around.

well, our summer has been grandiose. 
we've done a lot of cool things, ie:

played croquet.

watched state championship baseball.

visited other countries.

ate at buffets.

 made cool music videos.

watched our friend qualify for the olympics.

hosted rad concerts.

played in rad concerts. 

had knee surgeries. ouchie.

 ran a half marathons.

- had lots of friends get engaged.
- had lots of friends get married.
- welcomed home missionaries.
- car rides.
- hikes.
- good food.
- fell in love (???).
and the works.
(but not fireworks. we don't
condone that).

we're already jealous of our own summer.
but who wouldn't be?
we played croquet!

ciao for now.