the get-to-know-you game.

taylor squared: est. 1998

we have a blog.
it's not something we're proud of,
but neither is our love for making embarrassing videos
of ourselves doing stupid things; but it's
not like that's going to stop.
something really sad (and kind of personal)
about our relationship is, we're not good enough
friends to text or call or even write real letters.
so we've resolved to using this blog.
it's our thing now.

taylor b.
loves llamas. no, really.
she's obsessed with them.
just kidding. that would be freaky.
can you imagine?
she lives in washington, d.c.
that's beverly hills 2-0-0-3-7.
she likes politics sometimes. and history.
she likes to run, drink milk, and eat mushrooms,
and if that wasn't enough, she does all of that
regularly while watching the lord of the rings.
contact her via email if you'd like to
skip class to go hiking, camping, or skiing:
but don't really. unless you're serious.

taylor o.
is studying media music at brigham young university.
she likes to cook, clean,
raise children, and do laundry.
too bad she's living in LA
and they frown on domesticity there.
she also likes to bowl, get dressed,
and has excellent personal hygiene.
not to make a plug on our own
blog or anything, but, you should
turns out, she's real talented.
in conclusion, you can contact her via email:
(sorry, one-on-one concerts are not
available, unless you are male and are capable
of opening doors and buying dinner).

meanwhile, here's a picture of us looking our best:

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  1. taylor o., i saw you perform once at guitars unplugged, i think, and you were ahmazing!!