Sunday, May 30, 2010

i'm in a club.

listen here, everyone.
blogging is tough.

we do however have some great things planned
for this place, but you're gonna hafta
hold ur horses fur a while.

for real, though.
we hate not living together.
but it'll B alright.
hang in there, everyone.

oh! congrats to the graduates of 2010.
sorry you can't have a year that includes "oh" in it.
too bad. should have been born earlier.

here's some stuff that has happened:


several thousand gallons of human waste.
and zions.

run-in with the copsies.

a bloody mess.


"that's like pushing your arms through the air!" ---taylor b.
"i'm trying. it's a long process." ---taylor o.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

crying/trying/drying out.

maybe this is the longest we've ever gone without posting,
maybe it's not.
we're not keeping track.

it's kinda, sorta, maybe summer for us at this point.

kinda: because taylor o. is still taking a few classes
at BYU for spring semester.

sorta: because utah hasn't invited summer to the party yet.

maybe: because summer isn't summer when we're not together,
and not with all of our friends.

that's right. we aren't living together.
taylor b. packed up and moved back to the big city last weekend.
taylor o. visited another city: paris.
just kidding. mexico city. but they're similar.
stupid volcano.

so what
have we been up to lately?

well, taylor b. went to the train concert with ben.
probably the best concert she's ever been to.
pat crowd surfed, and invited some "fans" up on stage
to sing with him.
please. they didn't even know the lyrics,
and what was their reward? t-shirts.
and hugs from the band.
but no hard feelings.

obviously, taylor o. got a little sun in mexico with the fam.
and when we say a little sun, that is exactly what we mean.

school has been going well for t.o.
she hearts physical science.

taylor b. basically lives at work,
and she likes it.

we're excited for the summer to actually get started,
and for everyone to officially finish up with finals.
meanwhile we have friends all over the world:
london, jerusalem, tokyo, ecuador, ohio, albuquerque.
you name it.
pretty crazy.

we haven't seen each other in 2 weeks,
and we've been in the same state.
that is kinda, maybe, sorta a new record.
and we're all about new records,
and records in general.

"what are those for?" ---stanger.
"train." ---taylor b.
"no, those ones." ---stranger.
"the train concert." ---ben coburn.
(stranger lights up a cig).
"ohh. are there gonna be any good bands there?" ---stranger.

we love that---taylor & taylor.