Tuesday, January 25, 2011

bold as love.

the computer battery is about to die,
which means it's the perfect time to
scrawl out a blog post.
life is lived better under pressure.
at least that's what we tell ourselves
every morning when we wake up.

a few interesting/great/cool things have happened.

1. dylan gave is farewell talk.
so great. really, dylan. awesome job.
his mom had the best post-farewell food of all-time.
that's not up for debate.

2. the packers won the NFC chamionship.
after this occurred, taylor b. and her brother
spent hours making rad signs
to hang in various locations.
and place mats.
anyway, they made a couple
"honk for The Pack" signs
and hung them in every single car.
basically, this will be the best superbowl ever.
that is also not up for debate.

3. the state of the union happened.
just barely, actually.

4. the snow at sundance...existed.
like, there was actual snow up there today.
go figure.

5. taylor o. has noteworthy practice.
what else isn't new?

that seems to be all for now.
we're over and out.

---taylor & taylor.

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