Thursday, June 2, 2011

plagiarism is the best form of flattery.

at this point, we're used to the
frequently schizophrenic weather that
utah has to offer us.
and then, there's this:

a nice young lad who walked in late to taylor b.'s
philosophy class was wearing this gem.
walking in late + this = memorable.
aka, taylor b. will never forget his face.
20 years from now when she is
living in a small mountain hut in nepal
and he comes to photograph the himalayas,
she will remember him from history of modern
philosophy, brigham young university, spring 2011.

a significant percentage of our friends and family
are in california this weekend.
and we're here in provo.
but it just feels right, you know?
yep. you do.

for now, we're just going to get some frozen yogurt
and maybe watch a little fresh prince.

it's been funny.

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