Wednesday, November 18, 2009

four servings of cereal.

some classy moments involving our latest life topic.

"i can just picture it now. you, him. winding blowing through your hair." ---tb.
"you can't say things like that. i am not able to move." ---to.

"uh." ---tb.
"can't eat? i know the feeling." ---to.

"you've turned me into something i'm not." ---tb.
"it's contagious. it's turned me into something i'm not." ---to.
"trust me. we have all noticed." ---tb.

good thing we had our girl ally over last night for some moral support.
and of course ben was there too. just because he's at utah state, doesn't mean he can't be there for the most pivotal moments in our lives.

speaking of pivotal moments,
tonight ben will open his mission call.
we are so nervous. but can't wait.
we'll let you know what happens.

"just do it." ---ally.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

p.s. we want the combe family to know they're in our thoughts and prayers.
we love you guys. know that we're thinking about you.

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