Thursday, September 2, 2010

back to gulag.

well, this post is clearly long overdue.

school has started!

remember this?
first day of school last year,
sooo cute and sooo excited and sooo adorable.
we have like the same name and everything.

this was us on monday:

last year:


last year:


last year:

it's kind of like those games
on the back of cereal boxes.
"find the 5 differences between the pictures."
shorter and longer hair,
practically all grown up,
and significantly less enthusiastic.
same door in the background, though.

oops. that's only three.
oh well.

our first week has gone just about
how we thought it would go.

buuuut, back-tracking even further,
our last weekend of summer,
we met up with some coolio friends,
swam, hiked, slept, and ate out every night.
it was like our end-of-summer celebration.

of course, you already know how we like to celebrate,
and how we find every excuse to do so,
so monday night we decided to eat out again.
we are certainly living on the edge.
we're just that type.

so this week we've had some shocking experiences,
and some pretty average ones too.
we're hoping things will just slowly level out
into a significantly less exciting,
and more monotonous schedule.

well, hw time.

oh, and john mayer was at the apple store.
just sayin'.

---taylor & taylor.

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