Tuesday, September 1, 2009

luv dem rugby boyzz.

First day of school yesterday. We came up with a fun way to make the walk from class to class more enjoyable. We quietly predict whether someone is: A) Single, returned missionary. B) Single, returned sister missionary. C) Engaged/married. We're pretty much able to tell someone's relationship status now, so there is no need for Facebook. Oh, and we saw several other students wearing chacos. That was a relief. Up until yesterday we had seen three pair. Ally, Lisa, and Taylor B.

Also, good news! Family night was a semi-success. Last time, we went in with a good attitude. You know how that turned out. This time we approached things a little differently. Actually, we took a completely opposite direction. Here is just more proof that attitude isn't everything.

NOTE: At first, things might still seem hopeless, but keep reading. This is a story with a happy ending.

1. We walked out of our apartment at 6:29 (FHE started at 6:30) with a 10 min walk ahead of us. Just as we made it down the stairs, two girls offered us a ride there instead.

2. We arrived, and amongst all the hussle and bussle, managed to find a seat on one of the rotted, wooden benches. We sat there, us three, for several minutes in silence. Here is the problem. If you're anyone else besides us, you at least have your roommates to try and get to know, but we know everything about each other already, so we sat in complete silence, perfectly comfortable, the majority of the time. Just picture that with us for a second.

3. Don't get us wrong, we did have some conversation.
"Hi, we haven't met, what are your names?"
"Taylor, Taylor, Veronica."
"Ha ha, two Taylors? That is easy to remember!"
"Ha, yup."
"So what are you guys majoring in?"
"I'm undecided. So am I. I'm majoring in photography."
"Oh! That is so cool! Wait, what year are you guys?"
"Um, freshman. Freshman. I'm a sophomore."
"Well, I'm going to go get another hot dog. See ya."

There were varying forms of this conversation. But you get the idea.

4. After about an hour of this, talk, freshman, see ya, routine we were about ready to give up. But in one last feeble attempt to be social, we grabbed a pink frisbee and threw it back & forth to each other. This is where we met our frisbee friend, Brandon M. D. Moore. (No, he isn't planning on being a doctor, but if he was, his name would be, Brandon M. D. Moore M.D. Can it get any cooler than that? We submit that it cannot!) We met him by accident when Taylor O. threw the frisbee, which bounced off Veronica's hands and into Brandon's back. After that, things just fell right into place.

5. The rest of the story is happy, and we're please to announce that we now have a friend who lives in our ward. Brandon writes songs, sets up printers, and speaks Portuguese. He likes Star Wars, popcorn w/m&ms and long walks on the beach at sunset (ok, we made that last one up, but we wouldn't be surprised if he liked that also.)

Thanks for the great night Brandon! (And thanks for organizing Taylor's mac spaces.)

"I'll dream big tonight. I'll dream of leprechauns and unicorns..."---Brandon M. D. Moore
"That would be dreaming small."---Taylor B.
"Oh, right."---Brandon M.D. Moore.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

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