Tuesday, September 1, 2009

i'm a vegetarian.


- Running.

- Blow dryer displays a fantastic internal fireworks show.

- Hilarious sociology professor, who uses words like "bloody" and "fetcher," continually reminds us that he is biting his tongue, but if he lets something slip, don't report him to the honor code.

- Study/Lunch break:
1) Walk into apartment
2) Take off backpack
3) Turn on A/C
4) Change into pajamas
5) Eat

- Hang out with Brandon.

- Walk with Brandon to class.

- Religion professor says to a girl that walks in, "You're not married yet?" "No. And I'm past my prime in BYU years." "Yeah. Your melons are drying up." [Class laughs, yet they all know it's true.]

- Walk with Brandon to bookstore and get books/folders/highlighters/packets.

- Walk home. With Brandon. We love him.

- Make ourselves at home. Brandon does too.

- Brandon makes an array of awkward comments.

- Visit from Grandparents. They meet Brandon.

- Study, study, study.

- Taylor O. makes delicious dinner.

- Study.

- Visit from Olson parents.

- Blessings.

- Study, and blog.

Great day. All it needed was a little more Brandon.

Hey, Brandon! Text us!

"Apparently good fashion runs in the family."---Brandon Moore
"Thank you."---Grandma Hart

we love that (and brandon)---taylor & taylor

P.S. We need a freakin' picture with you already!!

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