Tuesday, September 15, 2009

cougars don't cut corners.

The prophet showed up on campus today. Brigham Young University manifested its excitement in various ways:
  • Some students started a line for seats before 6:00 AM. The devotional started at 11:05.
  • Some teachers let out their classes out an hour early.
  • Some students just skipped class all together.
  • A steady stream of thousands of students flocked toward the Marriott Center all morning. As the anxious students got closer to their destination and as time ran out, the pace steadily increased. When a policeman stopped the crowd to let cars pass, the scene was reminiscent of the starting line of a cross country race. Everyone was crouching in a "starting stance," waiting to sprint across the street, up the stairs, and into the building. One student even went as far as to yell, "C'MON MAN! I'VE GOTTA PROPHET TO SEE!" The policeman proceeded to let one more car through.
  • Some students opted to instead take advantage of the class-less hour by taking a nap in the HFAC.
  • The Marriott Center holds 22,700 people. Here's the problem though, BYU has over 33,000 students. Oopsy.
  • We are pretty sure some local, neighborhood families snuck into the Marriot Center. Either that, or more BYU students have children than we thought, which isn't really all that unlikely.
  • We enjoyed a wonderful devotional learning about the guiding principles of the prophets' lives. Taylor O.'s Living Prophets teacher asked the class to ponder what is the guiding principle of their lives, but all that seems to be guiding our lives nowadays is homework.

"Aren't some parents unusual?" --- President Thomas S. Monson.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

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