Friday, September 4, 2009

no such thing as a real world.

On this day 18 years ago, Isaac Ashman Hales was brought into the world, and just look at him now. He's legal. All Grown up. We love Isaac and are writing this post as a dedication to him. We want to thank him for his friendship, love, example and support over the past 5 years. This one's for you, buddy!

18 Reasons Why We Love Isaac:
  1. Because his idea of a fashionable outfit is plaid shorts from sophomore year with a Davis Track Invitational t-shirt.
  2. Because the only place he shops for clothing is Thrift Town.
  3. Because he can pull of the $5.00 Choir Tour wanna-be Ray Bans better than anyone we know.
  4. Because he is "sick" at the cello.
  5. Because he can sing in a creepier voice than any Tim Burton character.
  6. Because he didn't go to college in Florida.
  7. Because his family doesn't believe in microwaves.
  8. Because of the bumper sticker on his van, "SAVE THE BABY HUMANS."
  9. Because of his van - "The Millennium Falcon."
  10. Because he makes us laugh more than anyone else we know.
  11. Because when his hair gets wet, we can spike it and call him "Rex."
  12. Because he's the best pool liftin' partner ever.
  13. Because he is marrying Taylor Olson.
  14. Because he can pull off the speed suit better than any track runner out there.
  15. Because his last pair of running shoes had over 1,000 miles on them when they should have had only 200.
  16. Because he got a 4 on the AP Statistics test without actually taking the class.
  17. Because of all the amazing memories we've shared.
  18. Because it is his eighteenth birthday and we love & miss him so much!
friendz 4eva. ;)

"I kind of want a real meal today. Oh. Not that yours aren't real..." ---Taylor B.

we love that (and isaac) ---taylor & taylor.

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