Tuesday, September 8, 2009

negotiating hangers.

The past few days have been so incredible.
Maybe too incredible to blog about.
But in any case, here is what happened:

On friday, we walked to school.
We walk to school everyday,
but we're pretty sure we've never blogged about it.
This is what it looked like:

On friday night we also made our first real separation: french movie, and soccer game.
Taylor B. didn't have her student ID yet,
so she watched the majority of the game from
a green electrical box; until a nice Polynesian boy gave her a free ticket.

Saturday morning we attended the BYU Autumn Classic XC meet.
It was there we met up with many dear friends.
This was just the start of what turned out to be the best weekend ever.

After a successful meet, we had da crew over to our place.
We watched music videos in the hall.
Where else would 10 people watch youtube videos?
Here we all are, happy as ever. Glad to be reunited.

Then we all drove up north. The afternoon consisted of many highlights.
Haircuts, showering, eating, reminiscing, looking at scout jamboree badges,
R & R, and much, much more.

Then we got together with each other and began watching the BYU game.
Ben joined us.
Jenny joined us.
Avery joined us.
Isaac joined us.

The rest of the night went as follows:
1) BYU beat Oklahoma 14-13.
2) We went to our favorite restaurant, Zupas, with our favorite people.
3) Met up with Mandy, the manager, who we are friends with because we go to Zupas so often.
4) Told Mandy about our amazing night. She offered us some FREE fondue to top it off.
5) We enjoyed some free fondue. With Mandy. And our best friends.

Sunday was great.
We came down here to Provo for church, and then drove home.
The rest of the day was relaxing, as it should be.

Monday was just as classic as all the other days.

Now we're back down in P-Town. And we love it.
We made pancakes tonight for dinner.
We burned them, and somehow the condo smelled like salmon for the rest of the night.
Explain that one why don't ya.
Then we did the dishes.
All in all, a pretty good day.

These are our pancakes.

We thought it would be pretty funny to peel off the burnt layer.
So we did.
We basically do whatever we want now.

"Guys. I drove to American Fork today." --- Veronica Olson

we love that---taylor & taylor.

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