Monday, September 14, 2009

coincidence? i think not.


-- nights in rondathe is officially the saddest, most depressing movie ever. they fall in love in four days, and then he dies? seriously. could someone explain that. we're never watching that one again. no, that's a total lie, we'll watch it this weekend or something. (sorry for the dishonesty a second ago. you just have to break the honor code sometimes.)


-- church was @ 9:25; no, we don't know why it starts then, sorry.
also, we like that half the ward arrives after the sacrament has been passed.
-- taylor o. had to drive back UP (it's up, not down) to salt lake, because her parents were speaking.
-- taylor b. had the awesome opportunity of standing alone to introduce herself and missing roommates. also, everyone in relief society shared what they were majoring in. about 99% of the women were majoring in either elementary education, early child development or exercise science.
-- taylor b. had ally & lisa over for sunday dinner.

green beans, swiss chicken, strawberry spinach salad, mashed potatoes, milk.

-- lisa and taylor b. got engaged, and ally got a divorce, all during one CES devotional @ the marriot center.
-- taylor o. and veronica arrived home safely; they're back DOWN here in provo.
-- the packers defeated the bears in an epic sunday night football showdown. go cheeseheads.


-- it rained today. we loved it. so much.
-- the BYU campus is gorgeous.
-- we had "tasteful crackers" to keep us awake in environmental science today. we come up with new ideas for every class.
-- also, richard terry, our professor, posed a very thought provoking question: "what would happen if your whole diet was water & carbon-dioxide? you would die." humans just aren't what they used to be.
-- we walked home and knocked out some homework.
-- taylor b. took a 3 hour nap.
-- taylor o. survived a tropical storm in our room.
-- FHE tonight was a treat. our family is hilarious.

also, we miss interacting with people our own age. but the good news is we're becoming more comfortable with ourselves, and our age. in fact, we plan to use our age to our advantage in the near future. when you're looking for an eternal companion, "18" isn't too attractive in these parts.

also, taylor b. has decided to major in political science.

also, nope. that's all.

we finished out the night with a thoughtful discussion about grammar and boys. over facebook.

this is us. 18 (not 17), and proud of it.

"When I was a child growing up on the farm,
my dad told me to scoop the manure." -- Richard Terry.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

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