Monday, February 7, 2011

a trail of bread crumbs.


we both celebrated in different ways.
the olsons watched the puppy bowl. obv.
the berhows watched the superbowl. obv.
(it was the best day of their lives. if you
didn't know, they are MASSIVE packers fans.)


in other news,
we've both been ooc the past few days.
actually, the past few weeks.

and, andy moved in.
(did we tell you that already?)
only from 8am-12am, though.
honor code, obv.

that's about it...
have a great week, y'all.

---taylor & taylor.

without looking at previous posts,
we're gonna guess that we have already told
you about how andy is our new roommate.
oh well. never hurts to read something twice.

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