Saturday, February 26, 2011

the sweetest story.

"well. i could sit in my room and
listen through the connecting door,
but that sounds a little unpleasant."

"and that would tell you nothing."

"wellllll. i can't watch... i don't have xray
vision. unless i joined them and said
i wanted to get drunk too then got drunk."

"DOOO IT!!!"

"such a good idea right now."

just some fun texting between us, obv.
we normally text each other from our own beds,
but this weekend we're texting from
different states.
as in, taylor o. is in FLORIDA right now.
you'd better believe it.
and by the looks of things (see above convo),
it sounds like she's havin' a pretty rockin' time.
but anyway.
cool, huh?
noteworthy rules.

k, well.
we'll leave you with this:

---t & t.


  1. i feel so lame about my life and talents after watching that video. CIN be so boring???

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Yeah, so I removed a comment. NE-wayz. What I meant to say was this: "PEOPLE ARE AWESOME. Probably the most valuable five minutes we've spent in our PLSC 200 lab thus far."