Tuesday, February 5, 2013


rise and shine upper east-siders!
gossip girl, here.
we have so much juicy gossip to dish about ourselves
and our friends.

1. this gangsta got into law school.
go team.
school is easy.

2. we love snapchatting.
we knew this already, but we've really come into
ourselves as snapchatters these past couple weeks.

it's also safe to assume we select our
friends based on their snapchatting abilities.

3. sunday was SUPERBOWL SUNDAY.

it paired quite nicely with our recent TV SATURDAY.

4. ally again.

5. taylor o. invented a new a new hairstyle.
it's called "the rocket." 

6. these balloons are still going after exactly 4 weeks.
mom always said you can go anywhere with a little
helium and good knot.
(to be taken literally).

7. snapchattingonsnapchattingonsnapchatting.

8. we gave blood yesterday.
sorry we accidentally wore matching outfits
even though we got dressed in the same room
at the same time.
the red cross workers didn't know what to do.
embarrassing for us, but more embarrassing for them.

9. last week we helped our friend karissa
 shovel this parking space with an ice scrapper.

10. we like bananas. don't be mad.


  1. of course ally got into law school. of course.

    and that is some superb snapchatting.

  2. I miss TV Saturday.
    Ha. I'm not old enough to go to Law School.
    If I didn't know that from the first picture, the second one really sealed the deal.
    xoxo Gossip Girl

  3. I take delight that we are in the same extended family.